Charlie Byrne | Fashion Editor | Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Welcome To The Nine Pound Club. Nine Awesome Things Under £9 Every Week

The Debrief: Here's the stuff you will want to buy this week for under a tenner...

Needing to buy something, anything, to make you feel a bit better, but without spending so much that you have to eat rice cakes for the rest of the week? Us too. All the time. So we decided to start the £9 club, where every week we show you nine little morsels of fashiony goodness that you can indulge in. For less than a tenner. Because we're good to you like that.

Bandana, £6, Urban Outfitters, vest, £9.99, New Look, wallet, £8, Accessorize, skirt, £6,, blue ball earrings, £5, River Island, felt tip liner, £5.99, Maybelline at Asos, Forget-me-not kit, £4, Topshop, Scarf, £8, F&F at Tesco, star earrings, £1.99, H&M

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