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We Went To French Connection To Get Our Legs Out So You Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Have To

We Went To French Connection To Get Our Legs Out So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: It's Changing Room Selfies time...

I'm guessing you're in the same boat as me round about now - having just about managed to get into a routine of shaving your legs again, maybe accomplished putting on a bit of gradual tan body lotion more than once a month, but actually your legs still look pretty ropey? I hear you. But sadly it is pretty much time to start getting your legs out again. I headed to French Connection to try on all the good stuff they've got so you can start getting your head around the idea. Without having to bravely hit the changing rooms yourself. 

The Coachella Inspired Dress

For me, there's only one thing better than sequins, and that's neon sequins, paired with denim. I think the FC designers had weddings and posh dos in mind when they designed this dress, but I want to wear it with ripped denim and scuffed trainers. If you're going to a festival and aren't planning to get utterly smashed, then this is a chic outfit option, plus you can always rewear it afterwards to all the smarter things you're meant to wear it to. 

french connection selfies

Dress, £150, denim jacket, £95

This Summer's Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt has been reinvented summer after summer, first it was the pastel midi length, then we had the silver versions, and now we've got the missing pleat version, where the print skips the inside, and does a cool concertina thing. Don't wear this with anything too smart - you will look K-middy esque - so pair it with sporty shapes, like a T-shirt or bomber jacket.  

french connection selfies

Francais? T shirt, £30, skirt, £75 

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The Culottes You've Never Tried Before

If you've never worn culottes before and you hate getting your legs out, welcome to summer's easiest trouser. Culottes are swishy enough, and just short enough, to suggest that you're not wearing full-length trousers like you really long to. And they require leg maintenance only as high as the lower calf. Or extended ankle, if you really cba. These sliders also deserve a mention - they're the most ridiculously comfortable shoes I've tried on in ages. So comfortable (and stylish) that I had to buy them. 

french connection selfies

Culottes, £75, shirt, £50, shoes, £80, available in store

City Shorts. Which Are A Real Thing. Honest.

City shorts are basically normal shorts, that look a bit smarter. So not the kind that you're going to wear to the beach. This look proves that summer doesn't have to be all florals and sorbet shades - you can wear black and look just as fresh. This top is awesome because it has a floaty back bit that acts as your own private air conditioning flap. Commuters - I recommend. 

french connection selfies

Shorts, £60, top, £45, available in store

The Denim Board Short

Long shorts are your friend. There was a time about five years ago where they weren't cool, but now that weird awkward length just above the knee is what it's all about. Plus this means no more thigh baring and that 'how high do I shave' malarkey. FYI, as you can probably tell, because they're nearly eating my legs, you might want to buy a size up from your usual in these to make sure you've got a comfortable, slouchy look going on instead. 

french connection selfies

Jacket, £225, T shirt, £32, shorts, £65 

The Night-Out Dress For Day-Time

This is a pricey one, but it's the kind of thing you're going to buy once and keep for years and years. It's like an LBD that has a hint of pineapple print to it, even though it's completely beaded. Wear it with heels if you want a killer dressed-up look for a night-out, or over a bright T-shirt with flat shoes to get away with it during the day. 

french connection selfies

Dress, £220, T shirt, £28, shoes, £80, available in store

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