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We Went Backstage At The Victoria's Secret Show And Played 'Would You Rather' With The Angels

The Debrief: Yep, we went there.

Photographed by Luke & Nik

When I found out that we had been invited backstage at the Victoria's Secret show, my heart exploded with excitement (GLITTER! SO MUCH GLITTER!) and then fell. Here's my secret: I'm a massive VS fan. It's not much of a secret, as anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with sparkles, tinsel, jewels, pretty much anything shiny (as a kid I used to pick up the shattered glass in kicked in bus shelters because I thought they were diamonds) and so I had no desire whatsoever to go and ask the Angels daft questions. Which I knew was precisely what my editor would want me to do. 


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It took a two-hour meeting with the entire Debrief team to decide on whether we should ask the Angels to wear pig noses, whether they should predict the general election outcome, or answer trivial pursuit questions. Plus many more totally inappropriate suggestions. Finally, some genius struck upon the idea of asking them to play 'Would You Rather'. 


So I put on my best pair of VS pants (pink, nach) and headed off to the Angel HQ at Earl's Court, armed with my finest intellectual questions such as 'Would you rather be a vampire or a wizard?'

Here's how it went down with...

Jourdan Dunn 

Frankly, we already loved Jourdan Dunn because she goofs around during the very serious ready-to-wear shows, like when she did the harlem shake last year and it went viral, but now, she's like our hero. I went into the backstage area before most of the girls had been given the slightest slick of mascara or had a hair comb go anywhere near them, which meant the majority weren't so keen on having their pic taken. But Jourdan was happy to talk to me mid hair curling and bare faced, except for a big smile. I asked her to play 'Would You Rather' and she buzzed with excitement - I even got an actual 'yay!' That's our kinda gal. 


Would you rather have the super-power to fly or to become invisible?

Huh… err... maybe to fly. No! I would be scared... but then if I had the power then I probably wouldn’t be scared. So yeah, to fly. 

Would you rather fight 20 bears or one baby T-rex?

I mean it’s a baby T rex, so that’s a bit unfair… It’s a baby! I’m a lover not a fighter, so I will choose the 20 bears, but hopefully I would run very fast and not have to fight them. I mean I’d probably die because they would chase me, and then boom… so I guess neither is good! 


Behati Prinsloo

Now I'm not saying this swung it, but the fact that I told Behati my name, and she said it was the 'cutest name ever' for a girl, may have made me swoon a little. Behati spoke to us just as she had come out of make-up, and was even more excited than Jourdan about the idea of picking out our roughly hacked questions out of a cloth bag I found the night before. She even gave us the quintessential American 'good job!' on coming up with the 'Would You Rather' idea. We can also confirm that she is 100% as beautiful in real life as you feared. Maybe even more so.


Would you rather have a time machine that only goes back in time or one that only goes forward in time?  

I would want to go back in time, because I would want to see the sixties and seventies and where everything started. I feel like the future is going to be too technologised. 

Would you rather keep a secret or tell a secret?

Ooooh! I’m gonna go with… keep a secret. 


Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio isn't one of the household angel names, but we reckon it won't be long before she gets her wings. The portuguese babe is just 23, and you will already recognise her from the Calzedonia swimwear ads and her recent shoot with Sports Illustrated. I asked Sara if she would play our game, and she said : OOOH I would love that! So we reckon she's pretty cool.


Would you rather never have internet access again or never be able to get an airplane ever again?

Definitely never be able to take a plane again, it's the internet, are you crazy?! You can get to places another way, it just takes longer.

Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?

A third eye, but in the back of my head. So I could keep it hidden, and see what people are saying about me behind my back. 


Doutzen Kroes

Another personal #VS confession, I've been a bit obsessed with Doutzen Kroes for most of my adult life. I don't know why, but she's always been my favourite angel, so you can imagine my enthusiasm for approaching her with a bag that contained the question: 'Would you rather have five penises, or no penis?' I could feel that question burning in the bottom of the bag, and I prayed it didn't come out. Thankfully, the fashion gods spared me, and Doutzen was lovely enough to tell me how fun our game was. 

Would you rather have your boyfriend check through your email and phone history, or your boss?

Ha! I don’t have a boss! *giggles*

Would you rather fight twenty bears or one baby T-rex?

A baby T-rex… I think bears are more scary! And the T rex is a baby, so... it’s cute!


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Photographed by Luke & Nik