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We Try On Everything Wintery To Buy In H&M NowThat It's Frickin' Freezing

The Debrief: It's Changing Room Selfies time...

This morning was a T shirt, jumper, cardigan, coat, scarf, oh and gloves day. Plus boots - and I topped it off with two pairs of socks. Now I'm a massive wuss, with no tolerance for cold whatsoever, but I'm not just imagining it - BBC Weather is predicting frost tomorrow, and they even bandied the word SNOW about the forecast this morning. So it's time to wrap up warm, which is basically an excuse to go shopping for new jumpers and nice things. Hence why we headed to H&M for this week's Changing Room Selfies. 

The Frozen Look For Festive Fun 


Elsa, move over - we've got your look down. So here's the thing - scrap gold and green as AW14 festive is about pale blue, it's some sort of subconscious icy thing. This long haired faux fur coat is super soft and ridiculously warm, but also has tiny tiny sequin details on the cuffs and bottom tiers of fluff. Paired with these pewter sequin leggins, we reckon we've nailed the perfect outfit for ice skating. FYI - buy the leggings at least one size bigger than usual, we don't know what's going on at H&M at the minute, but the sizing has been on the small size of late.

Coat, £99.99, sequinned leggings, £34.99

The Classic Red Knit To Heat Up Your Weekend


Anyone who saw the pics from the BFAs last night will have seen red, literally. It's the colour of season. This red roll neck is great because it's long enough to give all over warmth. Wear over trousers like this printed pair (they remind us of the sweets Nerdz) but also as a jumper dress over tights. Fyi, the jumper dress is huge this season, so you're going to want one.

Jumper, £29.99, trousers, £24.99

Some Leather Culottes For Warmth At Work, All Day


Culottes might not seem like the most savvy chose for winter, what with that whole bare ankles thing, but paired with a tight roll neck and a fluffy gilet, you will be plenty warm. Plus you can always wear socks and minimalist ankle boots in a Celine  kinda way if you're as cold-feeble as me. 

Culottes, £199.99, gilet, £29.99, roll neck, £24.99 

A Jewelled Trousers Cos Tis Is The Season


These trousers actually jangle a little when you walk - er, if that isn't instant Christmas appeal right there I don't know what is. This furry coat slightly reminds me of Animal from The Muppets, but there's something so festive about the autumnal fluffy look. Immediately feeling warmer.

Coat, £69.99, trousers, £39.99

The Tunic Top For A Minimalist Win


This tunic makes me feel like an artist from the sixties - perhaps part of the Warhol factory (in winter that is!). It's made of luxurious feeling wool that will almost certainly keep cold breezes out. I like how minimalist it is, you can throw it on over anything and you instantly look like you're wearing 'a piece' rather than what is effectively a posh fleece. Plus we couldn't resist these leopard jeans. 

Tunic top, £24.99, jeans, £29.99

The Seventies Jumpsuit To Dance All Night In


Jumpsuit, £14.99, coat, £49.99

It would be so easy if we just hibernated during winter like hedgehogs. Sadly, all of those parties beckon, and there's much merriment etc to be had. But I still can't bare to go out with bare legs. The thought alone makes me cold. So the jumpsuit is the perfect alternative - super silky and your legs will be covered and you can throw on a furry coat over the top to rock the winter whites trend, and a seventies vibe all in one go. 

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