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Rachel-Mae Tyson Tries On All The New Summer Stuff At Asos

We Try On All The Summer Trends At ASOS So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: There's a serious 70s and denim vibe going on this summer - so we try on all the best bits on ASOS, just for you...

For this week's Changing Room Selfies I've raided the summer trends at ASOS - turns out this summers' 70s vibe is perfect for cool, casual outfits that won't look out of place at work, but still look fashiony enough for the pub later on (which is basically where we plan to spend all our summer evenings, right?). 

Give It Some Flare 

It’s all about flares this season! I’ve paired these flares with a simple white turtle neck as the print is quit loud. I love teaming my flares with suede boots to keep on the 70s vibe and some simple gold rings. These are also super comfy as they're made with a v. soft cotton. 

Rachel-Mae Tyson Tries On All The Best Summer Stuff At Asos

White Turtle Neck, £14Flares, £30, Suede Boots, £40

Skirting The Issues

A simple denim button up skirt is the most versatile item I have in my wardrobe right now, I can wear it with pretty much anything. Today I’ve gone for this casual orange crop top and monochrome sliders, but it will look amazing with heels too. 

Rachel-Mae Tyson Tries On All The New Summer Stuff

T-Shirt, £12Denim Skirt, £25Slider, £10 

Crop It Like It's Hot

I'm obsessed with this pastel turquoise sporty crop top - wearing it with a suede skirt and mules stop it from looking too girly. It's also basically the perfect outfit for the first day back from your summer holidays when you want to demonstrate to everyone exactly how tanned you are. 

Rachel-Mae Tyson Tries On All The New Summer Stuff

Polo T-shirt, £22.99, Suede Skirt £65Mules, £59

Swinging In The 70s

I love the detail of the bell flared sleeves with the turtleneck - just be prepared to have your midriff on display with this one. The stripe in the mules is a nice way of keeping the print in the top running throughout the outfit and burgundy is big news this summer - it's basically the most 70s colour in the world. 

Rachel-Mae Tyson Tries On All The New Summer Stuff

Striped Polo, £25Button Skirt, £25Mules, £59

Do The Denim 

A denim pull over dress - what is not to love?!  Simple and stylish, denim is going to remain one of the biggest trends over the summer which is why this dress is so on point.  Suede burgundy boots (told you burgundy was a thing) make the whole thing look a lot more interesting. 

Rachel-Mae Tyson Tries On All The New Summer Stuff

Raw Hem Denim Dress, £35, Suede boots, £40

Wine Time

This velvet burgundy dress is gorgeous, I love the sexy cut over the chest  - chuck on a load of accessories to dress it up for the evening. 

Rachel-Mae Tyson Tries On All The New Summer Stuff

Velvet Dress, £65Mules, £59

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