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We Try On All The New Season Stuff In Warehouse

We Try On All The New Season Stuff In Warehouse

The Debrief: Denim and stripes and pretending I live in the Hamptons and date a chino-wearing Harvard alumni called Sebastian.


I'm not very good at spring clothes. Spring means you need to wear pastels and linen and generally walk around with a spring in your step.

I like wearing black, non creasing material and displaying a permanent scowl on my face. It's a much healthier way of being.

So, when I went to check out what high street fave Warehouse had on offer for spring I was concerned. There really wasn't much black on offer. I was going to have to branch out.

Luckily, they've got a lot of nice light denim and stripey stuff that looks like it would look reallly good on a boat. Which is a look I can get on board with (lol) because secretly I have a wild desire to be an American heiress called Bunny who spends her vacations yachting round the East and West Eggs in New York State, trying to get invited to an IRL modern day Great Gatsby party where I will hobnob with young Abercrombie-looking boys called Dalton and Harrison the third.

Basically - I will head back to Warehouse and purchase this stuff when I get an invite to the Hamptons. Until then, I'll stay in my black robes.

Stripe Midi-Pencil Dress

This will look fucking great on the boat when accessorised with a glass of champagne and some massive sunglasses. Huge floppy hat optional.

Stripe dress, £45

Bardot Ruffle Dress

I love this dress. I love this dress so hard. I'm going to wear it to alfresco afternoon tea whilst Binky and Margot play lawn tennis.

Off the shoulder dress, £39

Stripe top and denim skirt

This is my outfit when I go to the polo like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Again, I need a big hat. Someone get me a big hat.

Stripe cami, £29, Button detail midi skirt, £42

Stripey shirt and dark blue denim skirt

Yeah man. This is my outfit when I start at Princeton in the fall. I'm going to major in art history and meet some senator's son called Blake at the homecoming football game.

Linen mix stripe shirt, £32 Pocket detail pelmet skirt, £29

J Lo Dress

This was a mistake. I went rogue. I got it wrong. Sorry chaps.

Bodycon dress £45

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