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We Try On All The Colourful Winter Stuff In Urban Outfitters So You Don’t Have To

We Try On All The Colourful Winter Stuff In Urban Outfitters So You Don’t Have To

The Debrief: Although you still can, if you like

I equate the struggle of wearing colour in winter to that of not eating 25 days worth of calendar chocolates on 1 December , or of winning a medal in the Winter Olympics. Beyond offensive Christmas jumpers, it’s hard to find it in the first place. But even more than that, it’s really fun to match the morning light when you get dressed at 7am. The pitch black morning light. Not. But somehow it happens, so in an attempt to beat the winter blues, I went in search of some brightness in the wonderfully pine-clad changing rooms of Urban Outfitters.

1. The Printed Dress 

It’s December and you’re three months into what will be a six-month long food pregnancy, tight dresses are not your friend. This colourful patterned number is fun and perfect for the endless stream of dinner parties that winter seems to bring. What better way to hide the eight mince pies you ate than by distracting fellow guests with colours and metallics?

2. The Faux Fur Coat

Colours don’t have to be scarily bright to make a statement: see this maroon yeti coat. Warmth? Check. Drama? Check. People you don’t know very well stroking you? Probably check, too. For a vampy look that omits the typical ‘all-black everything’ requirement, add a patterned velvet dress. If you’re more daring, this coat comes in baby pink, too.

3. The Baby Blue Get-Up

Why not try imitating the frost on your car windscreen? This jumper is the perfect mix of warmth and nineties-ness when teamed with some high-waisted vintage denims. Style it up with some fresh white trainers and head out safe in the knowledge that you are basically wearing the exact opposite of an all-black outfit. You go, girl. 

4. The Not-Too-Festive Jumper

Christmas jumpers are a great excuse to whip out the colour, but are also only acceptable for about one month of the year. The solution? Keep the colours, ditch the cheesy ‘nice baubles’ slogan. Also the light up sleeves, ditch those too. Complete the look with a bright denim skirt because you’re on a roll. Don’t quit while you’re ahead.

5. The Colour-Commited Combo

Nothing says ‘Look mum, I’m not dressed like Wednesday Addams’ like wearing all green. This sea green skirt is a great excuse to add yet another button up skirt to your collection. Jazz up the block of colour with a printed top in a similar tone and you’re ready to go.

6. The Velvet Dress

(Urban Renewal, £36 in store)

Winter isn’t complete without a bit of velvet: the only fabric that makes it completely acceptable to stroke yourself in public. The only thing better than velvet is swingy velvet: so much room for activities. This deep red offers a way of wearing colour without scaring yourself when you look in the mirror. Team with black suede boots for ultimate fabric winning.

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