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We Try On All The Best Safari Stuff In Mango So You Don’t Have To

We Try On All The Best Safari Stuff In Mango So You Don’t Have To

The Debrief: Dude, where’s my jeep?

Having been inspired by Kendall Jenner’s latest Mango Campaign, I thought I would try the Safari look out. You know, that ubiquitous fashion trend that emerges in shops every year as soon as temperatures rise, and we daydream about hot summer afternoons spent at the pool sipping sweet cocktails surrounded by the expanse of the African plains. 

And, maybe, I wanted to look as much like Kendall in khaki as I possibly could.

Having managed to sneak in two pairs of shoes and straw hat (believe me, it wasn’t easy in Mango's Oxford Circus store after work), I came up with 6 looks that I'd be proud to gallivant about the dusty Sahara in.

1. Cocktails Amongst the Palm Trees

To make a look instantly more ‘done’, just add a wide-brimmed hat. It's a funny thing, really, but an accessory can instantly make your outfit look just a little more expensive… and gives you some sort of mystery factor. Partly adding to the allure of a lady in a tan suede skirt, partly protecting you from the sun, a straw hat is an easy way to try the safari trend.

 Prices: Hat £17.99, Top £25.99, Skirt £59.99, Shoes £39.99

 2. Look, a Rhino

Probably the easiest way to translate the Safari trend onto the high street is a tribal print. Marry this season’s wide leg trousers with a safari print, and you have a double-whammy. Not only are the trousers super comfortable and flattering, but you can go off-road without ever having to step out of the city.

Prices: Top £29.99, Trousers £39.99, Shoes £35.99

3. ‘Goddess’ of the Desert (Or so I thought…)

If only I was just 3 inches taller, this look would have been a hit. Mostly because of how simple it is, but also because of the length – I’m 5’9” and this was a bit long even on me. Add a pair of tonal sandals for cool-under-fire style that you can wear to any event without becoming flustered by the overpowering heat. 

Prices: Dress £49.99, Shoes £35.99

4. Cold Nights on the Plains

Probably the least flattering of all the looks, because you need to have pretty narrow hips to rock a knitted, split-front skirt with pockets. But the problem is easily solved by layering an oversized knit on top. I’d throw this on when the sun goes down and temperature drops.

Prices: Top £35.99, Skirt £35.99, Shoes £39.99

 5. The Serious Globe Trotter (Pass me the factor 50) 

I don’t think I’ve worn a pair of cargo trousers past the age of 10, however the cut of these trousers was so flattering that it was hard to believe they were modelled after the cargos of my youth. This reinvented pair is easily something you could throw on in the blistering summer sun without breaking a sweat because of the super lightweight material. 

Prices: Top £19.99, Trousers £25.99, Shoes £35.99

6. Let Me Be Your Tour Guide

I wanted to make sure I squeezed some denim into the last look. Paired with a simple white blouse (despite not really feeling the gold bar brooch on the collar) and a suede sleeveless jacket, this was definitely the most wearable Safari look, and didn’t look too themed. Denim has made a massive statement the last couple of seasons, and ties into multiple trends for SS16. Go for an easy update with a contrasting indigo cuff and a raw hem. 

Prices: Vest £69.99, Top, £29.99, Jeans £19.99, Shoes £39.99

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