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We Try On All The Best Pyjamas On The High Street So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: Because no one's actually going to wear real clothes for the next 10 days, are they?

Who needs to go out and socialise during winter when you’ve got a crackin’ pair of pyjamas waiting for you at home? At this time of year that thought of coming home and snuggling up on the couch with a cuppa in my favourite PJs is what gets me through the working day. Whether you like cheap and cheerful or a touch of luxury while you relax and unwind, I’ve got you covered this Christmas.

The Hugh Hefner Co-ords

If you’re not into the usual joggers and tee style PJs then why not try channelling the style of Hugh Hefner in this matching satin set, complete with velvet slippers.  Picture yourself, with a glass of mulled wine in hand, sauntering around the house in these... 

Satin Pyjamas, £24.99 & Slippers, £9.99, H&M


The Dressing Gown That Could Be a Coat

Marks & Spencer has taken the dressing gown to another level. If you feel up to it and don’t mind looking like the IKEA monkey, I truly believe you could wear this dressing gown out of the house and be sufficiently warm. This is what I can only imagine being wrapped in a fluffy cloud feels like.

The Luxury Set

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has created her own range of nightwear for M&S featuring this cashmere set, which is out of this world. At 5ft 3 I don’t look quite as phenomenal in these as Rosie does, but I can dream right?  Just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore comfortable, I added a pair of faux fur-lined slippers for an extra toasty touch.

Pyjama Bottoms, £69.30, Dressing Gown, £104.30, Marks and Spencer 

The Traditional Pyjamas

When I think of pyjamas, this traditional style is always the first that comes into mind. No fuss, no frills, just a classic button-down shirt featuring a front pocket with matching elasticated trousers (perfect for the Christmas bulge), also with pockets. There’s a reason why grandads of the world love this style so much – it's practical and won’t let you down. You can’t go wrong!

 Pyjama Set, £32, Topshop 

The Cheap and Cheerful Christmas PJs

If you love Christmas but don’t want to spend lavishly on festively patterned PJs then Primark is the place to go, because let's face it, how long are you really going to wear these for? To satisfy the child in me, that still gets giddy with excitement of Christmas, I’ve picked out a subtle pair but which feature an obvious nod to the festive season.

The Pyjamas You Can Wear Outside

Perfectly suited for both indoor lounging and outdoor errand running, if you popped to the supermarket in these no one would have a clue these were your PJs. This could be a dangerous affair, though. If I were to own a versatile set such as these I could quickly see myself neglecting all other clothes in my wardrobe in favour of the comfort of joggers and a hoody every day.

Joggers, £17.99, hoody, £17.99, GAP 

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