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We Try On All Of The Winter Coats In & Other Stories So You Don’t Have To

We Try On All Of The Winter Coats In & Other Stories So You Don’t Have To

The Debrief: I tried on all the best winter coats in & Other Stories, and I was one hot potato by the end of it....

If you need proof that it’s coat weather, let me refer you to my nipples at 6 o’clock this morning when I was waiting for the bus to my box fit class. Anyhoo, I stopped into & Other Stories to try on the best coats they have – and they have a lot. And while I was trying on coats, I learnt a few things, too. Firstly, that changing room selfies make you look short. Secondly, that changing rooms do not have the ventilation needed when trying on knitwear + wool coats under bright lights. 

1. The Mannish One

I was going for a Withnail And I vibe, here. Also, my pussy-bow blouse is intentionally un-bowed, thank you very much for asking.

Jacket, £145; shirt, £55; skirt, £69

My own Grenson shoes, worn throughout


2. The Oversized One

Very blue, innit? This chap would brighten up my morning commute considerably, and was oversized enough to allow for festive weight-gain. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Jacket, £165; jeans, £55; T-shirt, £17



3. The Heritage One

Just the right amount of ‘house in the country’ here, though it made me look a bit matronly when I belted it.

Coat, £125; sweater, £45; skirt, £65


4. The Hooded one

A good amount of hood depth (technical term) here – I do so hate when you can’t fit your hair inside properly.

Coat, £125; jeans, £55


5. The Long One

The new coat length hits between mid calf and ankle. Great for dramatic swooshy walking. 

Coat, £195; dress, £69


6. The Camel One

Camel coats are a very grown-up thing, I think, especially if you keep Werther’s Originals in the pockets.

Coat, £165; dress, £69



7. The Fuzzy One

A navy peacoat is a go-to for me, but a fuzzy collar makes all the difference here, because I find scarves suffocating, and so my neck gets cold.

Coat, £145; sweater, £39; jeans, £55


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