Natalia Bagniewska | Creative Editor | Tuesday, 15 March 2016

CRS Asos Jeans

We Try All The New Asos Jeans On (From The Comfort of Our Bedroom)

The Debrief: Jeans jeans jeans jeans, jeans I do adore...

Oh jeans! I  love thee! I genuinely can’t think of any piece of clothing I love more. I also love ASOS so you can imagine my delight in being asked to try on ALL their new jeans. Yasssssss.  

1. The Safety nets

Ripped knees? Check. Not too tight, not too baggy? Check. Not black, not grey? Check. I’m pretty sure I have about four pairs of jeans just like this but have already gone on ASOS today to see if they have these in my size. Safety in numbers n’ all that. 

High-waisted washed black jeans from ASOS, £35

2. Sailor chic really never gets old

I saw Hail, Ceaser! on the weekend and one of my many million thoughts after it was “Wow, Channing Tatum looks excellent in a faux sailor outfit, I wonder if I could pull that look off?” I think this is the closest I’ll ever get. 

Pencil straight jean from ASOS, £28

3. The Mom

Very mom, these are. Very baggy, very comfy, and excellent shade of dark blue. 

Orignial 'mom' jean from ASOS, £32

4. My Favorites 

No not the official name for these jeans but won me over hands down.  Classic straight leg, you know they will go with ANYTHING (sorry housemate borrowed your top for this one). 

High waist slim 'mom' jean from ASOS, £32

5. The New Disco Pant? 

As soon as I put these very tight, very white, very ripped numbers on I felt ready for the discotheque.  Slightly out of my comfort zone but what the heck. 

Midrise skinny jean from ASOS, £25

6. The Scary Flare

If anyone has any tips on how to wear these I’d love to hear your thoughts. The idea of them I love, retro, super chic big flare but I can’t help feel like my teen self dragging by baggy jeans around Camden Lock in these. I want to wear them I just don’t know how. 

Authentic straight jean from ASOS, £30

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