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Charlie Byrne | Fashion Editor | Tuesday, 24 March 2015

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We Tried On This Season's Jean Shapes At Levi's So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: Do you know your super skinny from your Customised and Tapered? No? Let us help...

A new season means time to update your basics. Like your jeans. You use and abuse them constantly, so you need a pair (or two, or ten) that not only fit brilliantly and feel comfy (so that you can slob out in them on a Sunday as well as dress them up for a night out) but that also give a nod to what is actually in fashion.

Our suggestion? Head to Levi's. These jeans geniuses know how to make denim that doesn't mind being punished, that you can drag off your bedroom floor, throw on, and still feel like you're wearing something decent. Not sure what shape you should be buying into this season? We've got your back.

We headed to the Levi's changing rooms to try on the new season's shapes, so you don't have to.

The Super Skinny

If Spiderman made jeans, he would make these. They're unbelievably stretchy. Amd none of that painful camel-toe skinny jean hell, here, no siree. They're intensely comfortable, and feel like a luxey version of what we've all been wearing for the last ten years. Skinnies shouldn't be ignored just because we've come to rely on them as a staple - pair them with flat trainers and suddenly they feel more 2015.  

Levi's Jeans

Jeans, £80, shirt, £70, cardigan, £60, plimsols, £34, available in store, bandana, £15, available in store  

The Customised And Tapered

Fancy looking a bit like Solange? Then try the customised and tapered. She's always wearing them. Levi's were getting so many requests for tapering of their original 501 jeans style that they introduced the customised and tapered design - it's like a boyfriend shape but sits closer at the ankles.

Levi's Jeans

Jeans, £95, available in store, sweatshirt, £60, available in store, plimsolls, £34, available in store 

The High Rise Skinny

Imagine your normal skinny jean, and then hitch it up a few inches so that your legs look longer than they actually are. It's all about tucking in your T shirt, to enhance the thigh high leg look. Helps if you wear mahoosive heels, like these wooden sandals. Doesn't hurt to add a cropped jacket, either, which will also make your legs look way longer than your torso.

Levi's Jeans

Jeans, £80, denim jacket, £80, T shirt, £30, shoes, £55, available in store 

The Straight Leg

There's something a bit dubious about a straight leg if you were born in the eighties - we have a weird aversion to them. But they're bang on trend. And they're one of the easiest styles to pull off in terms of your footwear - you can turn up them hem to wear with your trainers, or wear them long with flatforms. Don't ignore this simple style - they're smart enough for you to wear to the office, too.

Levi's Jeans

Jeans, £85, available in store,  shirt, £60, denim jacket, £95, plimsolls, £34, available in store, belt, £35, bag, £105

The Original 501

Don't own a pair of the hero 501's? Then come ON, people. These jeans are like a cuddle for your ass. That lasts, like, forever. Try and find something you own that won't go with them. Go on. I dare you. This leather edged vest is pretty damn comfy too, and the striped jacket is an unusual one for Levi's, it's a nice smart-casual mix that will get you through that drizzly spring nonsense.

Levi's Jeans

Jeans, £95, vest, £30, available in store, coat, £120, plimsolls, £34, available in store 

The Bootleg

Jeans don't always have to look like jeans. They can look like trousers. Fully respected, black trousers. The bootleg black style that Levi's do feel more like a posh pair of pants than a weekend denim option. Looking for a pair of jeans where you want to look like you've got your shit together? Then meet the bootleg. Not as scary as a flare, and you were pulling them off age 12, so you can definitely nail them now. Wear with this black silky shirt, and you've got a sleek evening outfit that Vic B would be proud of.

Levi's Jeans

Jeans, £80, shirt, £85, heels, £55, available in store

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