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We Tried On COS Menswear\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Hyggiest Outfits So You Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Have To

We Tried On COS Menswear's Hyggiest Outfits So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: Cosy COS mens' jumpers? Ultimate Hygge

Are you feeling Hygge yet? It’s a Danish word for ‘cosy’ that has pretty much enveloped us in its comfy thrall, just like baked beans and cheese on toast - dash of Worcestershire sauce - while snuggled on a sofa, under an ethically-sourced blanket while Beaches plays on the TV.

Hygge, though from Denmark, can be found in the UK, especially as winter approaches - a pumpkin spice vape fluid, an apple crumble that caramelises on the front teeth, a gentle bear hug from Ed Balls, a Penguin dipped in hot tea until the chocolate melts, a dog wagging its tail from the hearth of a provincial pub’s fireplace or maybe the crunch of fallen crispy leaves, a crunch that confirms your boot has not landed into the aforementioned dog’s mess. All of these feelings - and, ok, fantasies - are hygge. Even the British mispronunciation of hygge (‘higgy', like ‘piggy’) is delightfully hygge. 

And as much as the clean, stark lines of COS’s output might seem contrary to hygge, the Danish outfitter’s respect for utilitarian, classic cuts is about comfort through simplicity and direction. This is not the land of faux Ugg boots worn to shreds, bobbly hats, tassles and bits of orange peel scattered over the floor. Cleanliness and simple elegance can be hygge and here’s how.

1. Hygge-jamas

Nothing says ‘cosy and apologetic’ like a polo neck. This being menswear, it’s not designed for massive boobs, but you’ll be surprised how much give there is. What’s gorgeous about a men’s polo neck is that men apparently have wider necks than women, so the neck material is very thick and intense, and also helps make you look like your head is floating. The trousers, which come in different shades, were both smart and intensely comfy. With no flies but an elasticated waist, you can amuse yourself while wearing them by imaging how a man wees in a pair of these, or just marvel at the fact you get to do shameless sit-down wees. Which are very hygge. 8/10 hygge

High-Neck Yak Wool Jumper, £69

2. Ribbed, for hygge pleasure

You know how Breton is the name of the horizontal blue-and-white striped shirt the French navy stationed in Brittany were obliged to wear as part of their camper-than-Jean-Paul-Gaultier militaristic gear? Well, what’s the equivalent historical foundation of the horizontal ribbing seen on so many of COS’s finest sweaters? It’s subtle enough to not always be visible, which is great if you don’t like the way horizontal stripes can make even the Rizla-thin look wider. It’s also present enough for you to know there’s something special to your comfy jumper. 7/10 hygge

Ripple Effect Jumper, £45

3. Hygge we are now, entertain us

Kurt Cobain used to scream until he vomited so he could make his songs sound like they contained the authentic pain of a man so troubled he would scream until he vomited, but he also liked to punish himself with, well, the persistent intravenous use of heroin, and itchy jumpers. If you don’t believe me check a) history and b) the fuzzy snot-green cardigan he wore for the MTV Unplugged recording of Nevermind. Now, I’m not saying I or COS find his later days admirably hygge, but this cardigan is a much safer, squarer, and, dare I guess, less itchy, rendition of Kurt’s cardigan. It can grunge up a smart outfit and smarten up a grungey outfit, and, as a cardigan, allows for boobs much better than a jumper. As for the jeans, these were quite a ‘mom’ fit for a pair of men’s jeans, which just shows how redundant a ‘boyfriend’ jean can be. Here are literal men’s clothes, making me look like a mum! Plus, what’s hyggier than throwing boring fashion cliché out of the window? 7/10 hygge

Oversized Wool Cardigan, £59

4. 4. Hygge, Hygge, Hygge, can’t you see, sometimes you wanna just hypnotise me


Let me tell you something about the housing crisis in Denmark. It’s nothing compared to the UK’s Without a shortage of homes, people can afford to live in places with separate and dedicated living rooms, dining rooms! Two entire reception rooms not sub-letted to be used as bedrooms! But the cost of living, especially if you’re young, is quite expensive. What’s this got to do with me sweating my hygges off in a puffs-duster jacket in a very comfortably heated changing room? Bear with me. Denmarks relatively lucky circumstances means that young Danes, especially Copenhageners, don’t spend masses of time in pubs or clubs, but round at each others’ places. That’s why it’s extra kind that COS have designed a jacket that is both smart and long - like the duster jacket many will be wearing or coveting right now - and wipe clean. Because if you’re trying to hygge in the UK, at least with mates, you have to go outside, into a drinking establishment, to meet up with your friends. Once your there, you have to fold the coat in such a way that you only sacrifice your least favourite bit of it to the floor, where it’ll inevitably be trampled with mucky pub-spill. This COS coat won’t deliberately trip up anyone that damages it, but it’s the perfect folder-upper for an evening out, looking neither too smart nor too football hooligan to ever feel too out of place. Unless it’s summer, of course. 10/10 hygge.

Padded Parka Coat, £175


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