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We Tried On All The Various Forms Of Pyjamas In M&S So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: Silky, slouchy, shirty - we've got your Christmas day PJs sorted, whatever your style

It's time to go home and not wear clothes for another week because quite frankly you don't have to, as your main activities over the festive period involve lounging, and for that you need loungewear. Aka totally awesome pyjamas.

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Now there's a good few brilliant pyjama brands that have sprung up recently for all your possible pyjama needs, but there's nothing like heading to the stalwart of jammies - Marks & Spencer. So we headed to Marks and Sparks for not just ordinary pyjamas, but CRS pyjamas.

The Supermodel Endorsed Pair


Pyjamas, £35, Rosie For Autograph

I'm up for anything that might have the slightest chance of making me look the tiniest bit like top babe Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Including her super silky pjs. I didn't expect to like these as much as I did, and I didn't expect them to feel so glam. You will instantly feel like a grown up, even if you just sit and eat your selection box in them.

The Lacy Floral Combo


Pyjama bottoms, £16, top, £16

I'm a big fan of brushed cotton pj bottoms, they feel cosy and you can wash them a zillion times without them going manky. I was dubious as to whether the lace on this top would be scratchy, but it was actually really soft. A good choice if you want to keep flesh covered up without feeling like a total frump.

The Fleece Dream


Pyjama top, £19.50, bottoms, £12.50

Ok so I realise I'm not going to win any beauty pageants here, but OMG these things are damn comfortable. Wearing fleece from ankle to neck is absolutely not done often enough. And they're super festive. Not a single bad word to say about the pyjamas of ultimate fleece-ness.

The Ones That Suggest You Might Do Yoga 


Pyjama top, £14, bottoms, £19.50, Rosie for Autograph

If you're wanting early motivation to hit the gym, then try out RHW's yoga kit looking pjs. They have cuffed ankles, and the top is baggy enough to hide post dinner food baby.

The Girly Pair


Pyjama bottoms, £12.50, top, 39.50

These polka dot pjs are super lightweight and a bit stretchy, so perfect to lie around in without getting too hot and sweaty in your sofa pit. Pair with a plain white cami with lace edging for a pretty pj vibe.

The Nightshirt


Nightshirt, £19.50

If you're a pyjamas purist then you probably won't appreciate me including a nightshirt in our roundup, but you HAVE to try one. It's like stealing your bf's shirt, only better. Much, much better. It's cut in the right proportions -no more hand lost in cuffs- and it's made out of super soft Christmassy fabric.

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