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We Tried On All The Unisex Stuff In Selfridges So Now You Don’t Have To

Unisex clothes in selfridges

The Debrief: And yes, it’s actually wearable

Unisex is big news in the fashion world of fashion. So big that Selfridges have opened a gender neutral pop-up department, Agender, until the end of April. That means you and your boyfriend can (in theory) wear the same stuff and get away with it. Sounds like a good idea, right? Even better when you realise you can split the cost of that amazing jacket you've been picking up lovingly and putting back down on account of it being too pricey.

But just how wearable are genderless clothes? We headed down to Selfridges for another instalment of Changing Room Selfies to answer that very question. NB: a lot of it’s pretty pricey but don’t panic, there are high street equivalents at Whistles, Bethnals and co. 

Denim Duo


If there’s one thing you should consider spending your entire rent on, it’s this denim suit by Sibling. (I almost bought the jacket but bank balance said no.) Forget a top underneath. Do the jacket right up - maybe leave a couple of buttons undone for that flesh flash a la me - stick the jeans on and you’re ready for the FROW. The denim’s so dark it looks like leather from far away and has these cool ‘bullet holes’ everywhere. Also, it was actually designed for men. IT’S MENSWEAR GUYS. I rest my unisex case. 

Denim jacket, £380, Jeans, £320

Workwear Central

Workwear Central

Who would have thought you could wear the exact same outfit as your male colleague? Well, you can thanks to Jil Sander. So slim-fittingly long were these trousers that they will basically make your legs look like they belonged to Karlie Kloss. Only downside is you will definitely have to wear some kind of heel if you err on the shorter side. Let’s not forget the shirt. The zip detail is everything. Without it, you’d feel like another mundane office gal but with it, you turn into a svelte ‘I plan my outfits a month in advance’ type person. Or something like that.   

Shirt, available in store, Trousers, £290

Return Of The Camo

Return Of The Camo

Remember when camouflage was huge way back in 2012? For those of you with a military jacket somewhere in the depths of your wardrobe, rejoice for camo’s making a comeback. Recently seen at Ashish’s AW15 show, get ahead of the trend with this blue-and-grey camo jumper by emerging/South Korean menswear label Wooyoungmi. It’s probably the one thing you and your boyfriend/brother/other male in your life will argue/fight over. I paired it with super comfy Paul Smith shorts that add a sporty vibe. Another trend box ticked. And you can totally wear this to work too.

Jumper, £300, Shorts, £235

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Print Up

Print Up

Selfridges says to let the trousers do the talking. But I’m not one for rules so I doubled up on the print. Paul Smith + paisley + a patterned knit = a winning combination in my books. If it’s too much for you, however, just stick a white tee with the trousers or a pair of jeans with the jumper. I’ll let you in on a little secret: the trousers wouldn’t do up so that’s why there’s no tucking in here. Actually, sizing’s the only criticism I have of the whole unisex concept. Most things come in S, M, L but anything on your bottom half is guaranteed to be super long or ridiculously narrow-waisted cause you know, it wasn’t designed for hips or anyone under 6 foot.

Jumper, £325, Trousers, £275 

Make A Statement

The Statement One

Ok, I cheated on this one and wore the shorts again. They’re just so goddamn freeing! You can squat in them and everything. If this is what it’s like for men come the summer, sign me up. Anyway, enough about the shorts. How can you miss this jacket? That neon could practically stop traffic. Bombers are one of the most versatile pieces you can own especially this Neil Barrett one because it’s reversible (which admittedly, I only found out when I looked online). Yes, the price will make you choke but it’s kind of a 2 in 1 deal, right? Right? Na, this look’s definitely one to be picked up on the high street. 

Bomber jacket, £910, Shorts, £235

The Simple One

The Simple One

A total power couple outfit, this one. It might be a task to get your SO to wear white jeans (yacht club, anyone?) but monochrome is an everlasting trend. At first, I tried wearing the high-low UEG top as a dress. My only advice: don’t try doing the same unless you’re up for people seeing way more than they bargained for. Just don’t. As for the Raf Simons jeans? Again, menswear proves to be the most comfortable thing on the planet. And again, these were about a metre too long so I folded them into that weird cropped style that’s currently all the rage. Clever, I know.    

Top, £155, Jeans, £360

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