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We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

The Debrief: Because clearly this is a problem that needs to be solved this week

British weather. It’s a tricky one, isn’t it? One minute, you’re hotter than the time you got full-body burnt in Greece. The next, you’re stuck in torrential rain wearing a flimsy dress that suspiciously looks like it belonged in the lingerie section. After a few of these debacles, you think you’re an expert. You get up, check the forecast, see it’s going to be warm but cloudy, and decide to wear tight trousers, a summer-suitable top and a jacket. Did you dress right this time? Of course not. Now, the 10-minute walk from the station is essentially a trek across the Sahara desert. You may even copy my friend (who is most definitely not me) and collapse on the pavement, crying over the Uber app not working and desperately trying to hail a taxi to take her to the end of the road. (Again, 100% not me.) 

Luckily, there’s an answer to this annual problem. And that answer is the fashion mecca: Topshop. I took on the task of sourcing all the stuff that can be worn both in the summer and autumn whether it’s scorching, raining or so windy your perfectly coiffed hair ends up like a manic bird’s nest in 10 seconds flat. 

The Dungarees 

Forget what people say about dungarees making you feel like a budget version of Prince George. They are the most versatile thing you’ll ever own. Dress em up, dress em down, even wear them to bed if you like. These particular ones have a not-so-shouty floral print meaning they’re downright perfect 24/7 365 days a year. And they’re not denim so there’s zero chance of contemplating throwing yourself into the Thames to cool down. Just pop a tee underneath and you’re set.

We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

Dungarees, £58, Top, £24, Lace Up Shoes, £32

The Jumpsuit 

Jumpsuits: another way you can’t go wrong. Ever. There’s no season they won’t suit especially this tailored ‘n’ belted one. It’s good for work, good for casual nights out, good for fancy nights out. Heck, you could probably get married in it. Seeing as jumpsuits were originally used for parachutists, I attempted a quiet leap to see if this one lived up to its name. I can confirm it does (though simultaneously taking a picture was out of my selfie league, sorry). One more thing: these olive shoes are great. Get or regret.

We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

Jumpsuit, £60, Mid Heel Shoes, £58

The Jeans

A rule I decided to go by in this edition of Changing Room Selfies is one out, one in. By that, I mean legs and arms. The last thing you want on a dodgy day is to be covered head to toe. Same goes for baring skin. So this sleeveless knit and cropped jeans combo is perfect for the season cross over. According to our Google search history, the days of skinny jeans are over. Google is never wrong so looks like ‘boy fit’ jeans are the way forward. Oh, and trainers. Especially white ones.

We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

Knit Top, £32, Jeans, £55, Trainers, £22

The Jacket

This slit-knit skirt – I’m coining that – matches the top from before but putting the two together made me look like Kim K. So I innovated with a denim jacket. Each time the temperature goes up, feel free to undo a button. I think I may have reached peak denim with this one but I’m not sure such a thing exists. Pretty much any shoe would have worked but my obsession with ankle boots has hit another level so there was no other option. The lace detail is just an extra flesh-flashing bonus.

We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

Denim Jacket, £30, Knit Skirt, £36, Boots, £72

The Two Piece

Not apologising for the trouser overload here. This bright slouchy pair feels like you’re wearing clouds i.e. light and airy. Orange seems to suit everyone so there’s another box crossed. And pairing it with the matching top (which wasn’t in stock so I’m donning something similar) won’t make you feel like a downgraded member of the Kardashian clan. As for shoes, well, trainers aren’t going in the bargain bin any time soon plus they allow you to walk without fear of tripping. Always opt for trainers. Always.

We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

Cami, £16, Slouchy Trousers, £45, Trainers, £22

The Flares 

Like the 99.9% of people who aren’t 6ft tall models with legs the size of pencils, I’m scared of wearing flares. These ones aren’t so frightening. Firstly, they’re grey so you’re already in neutral territory. Secondly, they seem to cling to you in all the right places. Thirdly, they twin with a knitted vest that has a tie you can artistically concoct into whatever you fancy. Finish with heeled sandals because there’s nothing that screams ‘it’s slightly warm outside’ more than an open toe.

We Tried On All The Topshop Stuff You Can Wear In Any Weather

Ribbed Top, £26, Ribbed Flares, £25, Mid Heel Shoes, £58

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