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We Tried On All The Girlboss Workwear In Mango So You Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Have To

We Tried On All The Girlboss Workwear In Mango So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: With an outfit per CV skill. You're welcome

All too often, our inner girlboss is obscured from view as we rush into our office at 9.29am on a Monday morning wearing a crumpled silk shirt we yanked on before remembering that we don’t actually own an iron (just me?). But she exists within us all (ready to greet the world with a firm handshake, obvs) and all she occasionally needs is a little extra assistance from some mega-watt work get-up to make her presence fully known. 

With this in mind, I went on a power-dressing pilgrimage to Mango and harvested lots and lots of clobber that shouted ‘I-am-a-confident woman-who-dares-in-her-outfit-choices-as-much-as-she-does-at-work’ and avoided the hangers that seductively muttered ‘Blend-in-and-keep-under-the-radar-Romilly.’ 

… And reader, I felt freaking LEGIT. These outfits’ exterior sass imbued me with superlative amounts of inner girlboss-confidence and all it took was donning multi-zipped red tartan, electric blue leather and double PVC upon my person... 

So, now I set you the challenge, dress yourself as the woman you want to become and adopt the ‘dress-up till you’ve made-it-up the ladder’ mantra (soz, for the bastardisation Amy Cuddy). Because let’s face it, in a world where Trump can become the next U.S President post-pussygate, us girls, need all the empowering boosts (or PVC boots, as I discovered) we can get our hands on (or feet into), work wear very much included.

1. 'I can multi-task'

One stand-out texture is often enough for me, so in the spirit of pushing my outré levels to the max I tried on four different types in one outfit (mohair, PVC ((my old friend)), leather and velvet) and didn’t recognise myself, which I came to realise, was a really, really great thing.

Outfit 1

Patent Sock Boots, £59.99, Cropped Velvet Trousers, £35.99,  Zipped Biker Jacket, £49.99, Stripe Textured Sweater, £39.99

2. 'I have faith in my convictions'

 This outfit is my ode to PVC. The PVC double-whammy made it feel less like a last-minute attempt to pull a sexy Halloween outfit together and more like a confident expression of my bold decision-making capabilities. 

outfit 2

PVC Skirt, £35.99, Grey Mohair Jumper, £39.99 

3. 'I'm a capable pair of hands' (when encased in these silk sleeves)

 As soon as I saw this salmon pink wisp of a smoking jacket on the rail, it was love at first sight, and I knew it was coming all the way into the changing room with me. I teamed it with kick flare jeans, but truthfully with this jacket I could have worn Kappa popper trackies and still felt 100% girlboss.

outfit 3

Denim Kick Flares, £39.99, Double-Breasted Metallic Blazer, £79.99

4. 'I'm a good sport'

Yes, admittedly this outfit does have a touch (fine, more of a smack-around-the-chops) of golf caddy about it, but I found myself REALLY getting into these kinda’ P. G. Wodehouse chequered trousers. I could just picture my calm composure and ability to handle anything (I guess, that includes a golf club…) in this dapper look.

outfit 4

Check Cropped Trousers, £49.99, Brown Polo Neck, £19.99, Bottle Green Velvet Bomber, £49.99, Decorative Buckle Boots, £49.99

5. 'I've got a keen eye for detail'

I had fantasies of wearing this outfit to a business lunch and then realised that most of the contents of my plate would end up not in my mouth but on these sleeves. Stick to safer territory for these wee stirrups and pussybow cuffs Romilly, a PowerPoint presentation perhaps…

outfit 5

Stirrup Leggings, £35.99, White Tie Shirt, £35.99

6. 'I won't take any crap'

What I consider the anarchic curved ball by way of faux Vivienne Westwood. This outfit felt strikingly powerful in it’s non-conformity and practically commanded ‘thou shalt not walk over me’.

outfit 6

T-Shirt, £15.99, Tartan Trousers, £49.99

7. 'I'm a team builder'

This cropped black playsuit felt like it was the by-product of an affair between a garment by Karl Lagerfied for Chanel and a sporty, lycra high-street Primark number. (N.B. roomy enough for several business lunches in quick succession.)

outfit 7

 Cropped Jumpsuit, £49.99 

8. 'I work well under pressure'

This is Russian proleriat chic at its best (if that’s even a thing?). It made me feel as though I could hold a meeting with lots of suits and still ensure that my voice was heard, in true revolutionary fashion. Lesson learnt, dressing for work as though you are going into battle is not always a bad thing…

outfit 8

Military Jacket, £59.99, Grey Wool Trousers, £59.99

9. 'I can wear over-the-knee boots to work'

Who would have guessed?

outfit 9

Over The Knee Heels, £69.99, Horsehair Skirt, £35.99, Grey Rib Jumper, £35.99, Velvet Jacket, £89.99


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