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We Tried On All The Best Winter Stuff In Uniqlo So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: How to refresh your winter wardrobe without breaking the bank so your winter game = strong

Sartorially speaking, as far as I'm concerned, autumn is by far the most exciting time of year. I don't know about you but, after a while, I start to find summer dressing a bit of a drag. Humid and sticky days roll into one another, my stock of clothes I actually like dwindles and I find myself fetishising winter. I long for jackets and jumpers. I dream of being able to use my imagination when I get dressed, to mix and match accessories and textures.

The clocks have gone back, the misty autumnal mornings and cold evenings are setting in. So I went to Uniqlo to bring you the very best of reasonably priced winter wardrobe additions.

1. The Tartan Skirt You've Been Looking For On Ebay Forever

In Uniqlo I tend to go to the men's section for tshirts and jumpers. The fit is always better, IMO. This skirt is the perfect tartan nod to the nineties and it's made of actual wool. The bomber, which will make an appearance again a little further down, is from Uniqlo's U collection and it's a men's jacket. I'm feeling the oversized look right now.

uniqlo outfit

Reversible Bomber Jacket, £59.90, Cotton Tshirt £9.90, Wool Skirt £24.90

2. The Suit That's Not Actually A Suit

Another day, another bomber. This time from the women's section in black. Paired with wide leg black trousers, to form a mismatched suit which is the perfect way to do winter smart/casual.

uniqlo outfit

Wide Leg Trousers, £24.90, Bomber, £39.90, Cotton Tshirt, £9.90

3. The Perfect Polo Neck

The trousers are from the men's section again. The polo neck is the same one I've been buying from Uniqlo every winter since the store first opened in Croydon's Whitgift centre when I was 17. It goes with everything, it's made of actual wool (again, not synthetic fibres) and it's smart yet toasty warm.

uniqlo outfit

Smart Jogger Pants, £14.90, Bomber, £39.90, Wool Polo Neck, £24.90

4. The Breton Top

Fleeces seem to be everywhere right now. I know they're a bit middle-aged male politician but give it a go. This one is from the men's section and I was oddly drawn to it, paired with what can only be described as the perfect pure cotton Breton top. 

uniqlo outfit

Breton Top, £7.90, Fleece, £29.90

5. The Camel Combo

The trousers as above, this time in camel. I'm not generally a matchy matchy person but shocked myself by pairing then with a jumper of the same colour and feeling pretty great about it.

uniqlo outfit

Bomber, £59.90, Trousers, £24.90, Jumper, £9.90

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