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We Tried On All The Best Textured Stuff In Urban Outfitters So You Don\\\'t Have To

We Tried On All The Best Textured Stuff In Urban Outfitters So You Don't Have To

The Debrief: Let’s have a little chat about textures

Let’s have a little chat about textures. Fluffy, shiny, glittery, crinkled, you name it and there’s a piece of Urban Outfitters clothing made out of it. And while velvet makes me feel physically sick, I bloody love a bit of texture in the Autumn. Teamed with layered polo necks and thick cosy scarfs, my moto is you can never go too OTT with a good old bit of texture. So here’s our favourite texturised picks from Urban Outfitters. 

The big bird 

Because who hasn’t dreamt of dressing like that guy from Sesame Street? This is the cosiest thing I have ever worn, I would live in it if I could. Wear it all winter and you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug. Mmmmm. 

Faux fur jacket, £140

The cord number 

Are you really a millennial if you don’t own a pinafore? Nope, sorry pal. You can’t see the texture on this one but I can assure you it is cord and it will go with every single top, or shirt you have in your wardrobe. Sold. 

Pinafore Dress, £46

The shiny pants party 

These are fantastic. They reflect the light and are as shiny as tin foil. Perfect for all those nights out you no longer have because it’s now cool to be healthy and stay in. 

Trousers, £39 

The giant blanket 

Wear this at night time to wrap yourself up warm, then when your alarm goes off all you have to do is hop out of bed and get on the bus. How convenient this jumper dress (blanket) is. 

The ‘am I a Spice Girl yet’ dress? 

I can totally picture this being worn by Geri or Baby – and now by me, does that make me a Spice Girl too?  

Dress, £39 

The glitter ball top

If you were to rub your hand up and down this top you may become a human glitter ball from all that sparkle. But that’s OK, right? Perfect with jeans and even better with dungarees. 

T-shirt, £26. Jeans, £55, similar here 

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