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We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

The Debrief: Because it’s the fabric of the season and you need it now

Unless you’ve been living under a dark, dark rock this summer, you might have a heard a little thing or two about suede. The fact is, to the naked-eye, wearing suede – particularly in the (albeit British) summer – can seem a bit of a ball ache. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical of the stuff, all that sweating it out on the tube and trying desperately to avoid any situation where water is involved. But, after frantically scrolling through ASOS for the perfect pieces to capture the 70s zeitgeist, I’m here to tell you that not only am I a convert, I’m a dedicated fan. These are the suede babes that you can 100% wear right now, and carry into next season where the trend is sure to continue. I’m into it. 

The waistcoat

Heading to ‘Summer of Love’ themed Bestival or not, this festival favourite is a must-have if you’re all about channelling Woodstock’s boho vibes from now until the end of summer. Sleeveless, this waistcoat can be worn over anything from long sleeved, high-neck tees, to Bardot crops like this Missguided one. The fringing makes for blatant ’70s referencing and can be worn over jeans or a mini if the sun decides to show its face. 

We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

Waistcoat, £50 

The Jumpsuit

Not for the faint-hearted, this all-over suede jumpsuit feat. awkward leg-length may look a little scary. But I promise you, this one’s a keeper. The colour is the perfect transitional tone to take you from the end of summer, through to autumn, and at 5ft 6in, I can assure you that size is no issue, either. The tie-belt is high on the body, so it pulls in at the waist and elongates the leg, meaning that the wide leg is perfectly balanced out, too. Pair with high-heeled boots for extra length.

We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

 Jumpsuit, £66; boots, £65

The button-down mini

If you’ve bought any sort of mini this summer, it’s likely been the button-down. Seen in every denim wash you can imagine, ASOS have given this one a suede make-over. Although they stock it in a variety of colours, this navy option is the perfect nod to the trend if you want to keep it subtle. Add a patterned shirt on top for cute back-to-school vibes, and wear it with everything from your adidas Superstars to your glittery flatforms to suit the occasion.

We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

Skirt, £55; shoes, £45

The ’70s jacket

Your mum always told you that a suede jacket was a bad idea right? Unless your plans amount to sitting in a weather-tight bubble where no liquids or food are allowed. Well, sorry mum, but you’re wrong. This lightweight tan jacket is the perfect cover-up for those in between days where the weather isn’t so hot but not too chilly either. A great denim alternative for summer and a total layer player for September onwards. That said, don’t forget your brolly (this is Britain after all).

We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

Jacket, £120; shoes, £45

The coloured skirt 

Although we’ve seen suede in every shade of mahogany and tan this summer, there’s also some really playful, brightly coloured pieces to mix into your wardrobe. This green button-down skirt is fun with a slogan tee and the scalloped hem gives it a real girly vibe. Just add some Stan Smiths for a great daytime look.

We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

Skirt, £55; shoes, £65

The ’60s shift

You’ve listened to me blab on about the ’70s for all of about five minutes now, but this piece comes in the shape of the ’60s shift. Complete with retro metal detailing, and a cute tie at the waist, this beaut mini is everything you need to nail wedding guest dressing. To sass it up, wear with some chunky heels, or pair with ankle socks and flats if you’re more into keeping it casual.  

We Tried On All Suede At Asos So You Don’t Have To

Dress, £85; shoes, £45

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