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We're So Over Faux Fur, So Let This Troop Of Stylish Girls Show You How To Rock Shearling Instead

The Debrief: If you're bored of wearing your teddy coat then it's time to get an upgrade onto the next trend in wrapping up

Faux fur has basically taken over our wardrobes in the last few months - the shops are rammed full of the stuff. But we're slowly moving into a new season and have reached saturation point for all those short haired furry coats, even though it isn't any warmer outside. The solution? A longer, shaggier kind of fluff. Let us introduce you to shearling. 

Gucci and Prada sent whole sheep's worth of shearling down their a/w14 runways, but you don't have to spend big bucks to channel the shaggy trend, and while it might seem a big daunting, it doesn't have to be all that difficult to style. Let our cool crop of insta style babes show you how to rock the fluffy stuff the right way. 

Go Oversized 


Rihanna's mahoosive shearling aviator coat is made all the cooler by the fact that it's an unusual berry shade, and she's wearing it with rugged looking Timberlands. This is the tomboy way to wear the trend, but you could also throw a shearling aviator over a mid-length tea dress as a fresh alternative to a fur coat. 

 Try A Vintage Shearling Coat


This long sleek style looks a little retro, and it can often be the best way to go where shearling is concerned - check out your local charity shops and Beyond Retro for some age-old cosy cover ups. 

Give Shearling Accessories A Whirl 


If you're scared of looking swamped in a shearling coat, try other shearling items, such as fuzzy-wuzzy shoes or bags. 

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Rock Long Haired Shearling


Longer haired shearling is uber glam - you will basically feel like a rock star. Or Beyonce. Or both. This flowing fluffy number is from Topshop - swoon. 

Try A Denim And Shearling Combo 


While tan is the classic choice, there's something super fresh about shearling edged denim. This coat is basically the shearling dream, and you could just as easily wear over a leather skirt with knee high boots.

Gilet, £82.50, Unreal Fur, grey coat, £69, Atterley Road, duffle coat, £37, Asos, tan jacket, £49.99,

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