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7 Ways To Give Your Denim A Makeover (No Sewing Involved!)

7 Ways To Give Your Denim A Makeover (No Sewing Involved!)

The Debrief: Pin and patch your way to the denim throne. #patchgamestrong

We’ve seen them on runways, on Lourdes Leon, looking like Mama Madge in the 80s, and Gigi Hadid donning an Itchy Scratchy Patchy exclusive on Instagram (y’know, by model Edie Campbell and artist Christabel MacGreevey).  

There’s an element of nostalgia in customised jackets, don’t you think? Think Pink Ladies out of Grease, the embroidery trends in the 70s and 90s, and the time you customised the shit out of your school bags with lyrics. You can never go wrong with the DIY ethos of patches and badges on your denim fave. Whip it out from its cave, give it some personality and encrust it with tons of stand-out designs. Oh, we know needles and threads aren’t your friends, so we’ve got you covered with some killer pins and iron-on patches... 

1. Rebel Heart

Want your best friends on, but not with a tacky photo pin like the one your mum wears out, making you want to disappear from the face of the planet? No? Looks like that’s just me, then. Anyway, get The Three Graces patch from Itchy Scratchy Patchy for £24.95. Or you can go simple with this super cute Sparkle Heart Patch for £9.00. Adorbs.

2. Kitty Stardust


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Who is David Meowie, you ask? It’s a hybrid of your two faves, silly – David Bowie and a cat! Totes available at Etsy for £7.12.

3. Oh-So Basic


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Don’t hide your true self. I mean, if you’re a basic bitch who likes her skinny, wet, pumpkin spice latte with no whipped cream, then raise your venti cups and wear this £6.06 patch by Kodiak Milly with pride. 

4. Peace Train


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Designer Rosie Wonders knows her peace and love with these super rad iron-ons, for £7.50 each. These are great reminders for the humans who roam this planet with love... or lack thereof. 

5. Modern Heroes

Ah, Skinnydip and their elopement of products with modern kitsch. You can never not find me grabbing any Skinnydip stuff; they’re just fire. Check out these girl power patches for £5.00 and £8.00 respectively.

6. Keep Badge and Iron On

Ohh Deer Patches and Badge

Here’s a cool kid starter pack by Ohh Deer for £9.95 that comes with some teen angst patches and a less angsty rainbow cloud badge to, y'know keep things balanced.

7. Boss Lady

Show ‘em who’s boss, and slay with these iron-on patches and badges by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, ranging from £6.00 to £7.00 each

There you go. Style your denim as rad as this! 


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