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Update Your Denim Jacket With This Simple DIY For Under £5

Update Your Denim Jacket With This Simple DIY For Under £5

The Debrief: The perfect excuse for a Boomerang twirl pic…

Tassels and fringe, they’re everywhere we look at the moment. From Proenza Schouler’s grey and black on trend tops to ultra cool brand Toga’s jacquard sweater. They’re even on the end of this Alexander McQueen scarf and all over this Stella Jean skirt.

We can’t get enough. And when we spotted this fashionable street styler rocking the House of Holland tassel jacket at Milan Fashion Week we knew we wanted in on this look. The denim jacket is our go to ‘throw on with everything’ piece, and whilst it’s been a great old faithful, it’s looking a little tired.

House of Holland at Farfetch

So without further ado; here's how to DIY some tassels to take your denim jacket from blah to beautiful.

You’ll need:

A denim jacket to DIY. We used a vintage jacket that was gathering dust in our wardrobe.

One metre of tassels and / or fringe. We got ours at a local craft shop for £2. Ebay has a great selection, in an array of colours for only £1.55.

Thread in a corresponding colour to your tassel (or jacket)

How to:

1. Decide which part of your jacket you’d like to bedazzle. We added tassels and fringe to the pockets and cuffs of our jacket. You could also add fringe alone the full bottom seam of the jacket or the seam that goes along the back, the possibilities are endless!

2. The tassels come in a trim, and are attached to the border with two threads. You could attach this to your jacket, as per the photo below. We wanted to remove ours and have just the tassels themselves, like the House of Holland version.

3. The House of Holland jacket has the tassels under the pocket, but we decided we liked ours higher up. The great thing about DIY is, you can make it exactly how you want it to look!

4. We cut around the top of the trim with fabric scissors, to remove the tassels. Ideally, you don’t want to cut the threads that join the top of the tassel. You still want the tassel on its threads, which makes it easier to sew onto the jacket. Don’t fret too much if it does come loose, you can just re-tie it in a small knot before sewing.

5. You can add as many or as few tassels to the pockets as you’d like. We chose to have six on each pocket.

6. To attach, choose a corresponding thread to your jacket (in our case, blue.) Loop the thread through the top of the tassel, and sew under the pocket of the jacket.

7. We decided to add some Bullion fringe to the cuffs of our jacket, for a real statement piece.


8. Hold the fringe along the edge of each cuff, all the way around, to see how much you will need. (Always give yourself a little more than you think you need in case, it can always be removed.)

9. The fringe has a border that we liked, which made it easy to line up with the bottom seam of our jacket.

10. We hand sewed the fringe onto the jacket, going around the cuffs in a small straight stitch.

So simple. So effective…and all for under a fiver!

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