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9 Transitional Jackets To Buy Now

9 Transitional Jackets To Buy Now

The Debrief: Because it's a tricky time of year.

It's a tricky time of year for outerwear. On one hand: all the shops have started stocking their autumn/winter coats, so you can't leave it too long before investing in yours lest they all sell out. On the other hand: it's still pretty warm and wearing a chunky, lined coat could result in hospitalisation due to overheating.

So here's nine transitional jackets, plus their pros and cons so you can decide where you're at with your coat game. Good luck. 

1. Short Cotton Parka, £49.99, Zara

Pros: Not your average Parka – this is lightweight and cropped which makes it perfect for autumn.

Cons: You've got to be comfortable with layering because it's cropped.

2. New Classic Trench, £69.95, GAP

Pros: It's a classic (the name even says so) so you can't really go wrong. 

Cons: It probably won't keep you very warm once it gets properly cold.

3. Quilted Jacket, £29.99, H&M

Pros: Because it's quilted, this stands out from all of the bombers out there right now.

Cons: There's a slight air of I-ride-horses about it, but that could even be a positive.

4. Cotton Trench-Inspired Coat, £65, Monki

Pros: If you're not into the classic trench coat, this is a modern take.

Cons: A light colour might not feel very autumnal but it works.

5. Pink Cropped Trench Jacket, £65, River Island

Pros: An easy way to add some colour into a probably mainly monochrome wardrobe. 

Cons: It's limited edition so be quick!

6. Slim Fit Boyfriend Coat, £59, Topshop

Pros: The kind of coat that you'll keep forever.

Cons: Black for winter, groundbreaking.

7. Washed Cotton Summer Jacket, £55, ASOS

Pros: If it's warm enough, chuck this over a t-shirt or layer it as it gets colder. 

Cons: It's a light colour so if you're as clumsy as me – be careful, but it is machine washable!

8. Light Before Dark Khaki Crepe Duster Coat, £56, Urban Outfitters

Pros: Chuck this on to smarten up any outfit.

Cons: Not one for when the frost comes.

9. Black Drawstring Longline Bomber Jacket, £34.99, New Look

Pros: A smarter version of a classic bomber. 

Cons: I'm not sure I can think of one apart from the it's-probably-not-that-warm-when-it-comes-to-it classic.

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