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We Tried On AW17 Topshop Unique Before It Hit The Runway

We Tried On AW17 Topshop Before It Hit The Runway

The Debrief: Here’s what’s snug, what’s true to size and what’s going to fly off the shelves

It’s been an absolute nightmare keeping this to ourselves, but Topshop lent us their new Autumn collection to try on before their catwalk show this afternoon. Unlike other shows, it’s hard to not treat Topshop’s London Fashion Week presentation with more excitement, purely because it’s one we can actually afford to (and will most likely) buy it. However, we’ll still face the conundrum: how does a dress modelled by a 6ft high Goddess with Bambi legs and a size 6 waist, look in real life. Enlisting the help of London’s resident creative, cool girl-slash-braid queen (Google Keash Braids to find out more!) to try on the new collection, we can now spill on how everything fits and feels… 

1. The Bodycon Dress

Black Pointelle Dress, £89, Hooded Puffer Jacket, £69, JUMP Slingback Bow Kitten Heels, £59.

‘On the hanger, this dress is a bit terrifying. It brings back 2008 flashbacks of celebrities squeezed like sausages into Herve Leger bandage dresses. However, when on this is actually a subtle and sophisticated black dress. The corset-like hook-and-eyes closures are playful and the stretch fabric is ribbed to draw the eye imperceptibly in at the waist and vertically along the front. This will definitely be added to my Saturday night play book!’ 

2. The Power Suit

Yellow Trousers, £75, Yellow Jacket, £120, Chainmail Shoulder Bag, £32, JUMP Slingback Bow Kitten Heels, £59.

‘I think I might actually be in love with this suit. It’s an interesting and quite unusual golden canary colour that’s a far cry from last year’s La La Land yellow. It will definitely lift your mood on a wintery day. I think it’s really flattering and the material feels and looks expensive. It has a louche sensibility, that’s very compelling. While the trouser are very comfortable and have a dreamy drape, I would prefer the blazer to be cut slightly slighter, so I would recommend buying a size smaller.’ 

3. The Non-Wedding White Dress

Dobby Dress, £150.

‘As soon as I put this on I instantly felt more romantic! It’s floaty and feels like I’ve actually dressed up though it requires very little effort. It’s a nice twist on a shirtdress.’

4. The Double Denim

Denim Jacket, £59, Denim Trousers, £49, Ribbed Knit Jumper, £29, ROUX Patent Square Toe Shoes, £56, Chainmail Shoulder Bag, £32.

‘This outfit is all round surprising. At first glance, the denim jacket looks pretty bog standard, but there are hidden details in the fit that makes it feel modern, like the soft shoulder and the extra-long cuffs that can be turned up. It’s so rare to find low-rise jeans that fit like a dream, but these are surprisingly perfect. Plus, the denim is very soft, it makes them feel like a cotton hug.’ 

5. The Going Out Top

 Slip Top, £49, Asymmetric Hem Knit Skirt, £39, JUMP Slingback Bow Kitten Heels, £59

‘This top has a soft peplum structure that elevates it above your bog-standard “going out top”. It is covered in intricate geometric embroidery and has an even more elaborate laced back that took several seconds to figure out. But, once I clocked how to get it over my head and where my arms are meant to go, it revealed a gently tailored silhouette with this flattering almost-halter neckline. Though the back is totally (like not an ounce of fabric) naked, I don’t feel too exposed in it so I think it could work well with jeans or layered over the top on other occasions.’

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