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All The Things From The Topshop Unique Show We Want In Our Wardrobes, Right Now

The Debrief: In short: we want it all

Remember those books you had when you were a kid, where you rubbed the lamb and it was all fuzzy, then you stroked the snake and he was all scaly? Well, the Topshop Unique show this afternoon was basically a scratch and sniff, stroke and cuddle, feast. It was all about texture, texture, texture; so much so that you kinda wanted to stick out a hand as the girls marched past, and give them a good prod.

Here are the items you're going to be craving (and stroking) next season:

The Velvet Shoes


The square toed velvet shoes with humongous square buckles looked like they were designed with after hours in the office, sexy encounters in mind. The ketchup red ones looked like what Dorothy would wear if she had to get an actual job in Oz.

The Mongolian Fluff Sleeves


The big black fluffy sleeves on one short little cocktail dress made us want to wear a LBD again. This one even looked cosy, and with its ginormous fluff ball arms you would feel immediately glamorous, without putting your bod on show. You might have to careful about dipping your sleeves into your dinner though. 

The pistachio faux fur coat


Ok, now we're not going to pretend that a faux fur coat is revolutionary, in the last two seasons we've frankly seen enough of them to wrap the whole of the UK in thick layer of highly flammable polyester fibres. BUT we haven't seen a pistachio one. And there's something chic about pistachio - it's one of those hard to wear, what the hell do you put it with colours that makes it a red flag to a fashion bull - we immediately want to try and style it just to prove we can. 

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The mega jewelled velvet dresses


Er hello mega bling dress in black velvet that looks ridiculously expensive (kind of Dolce & Gabbana-esque, no?) and uber luscious. The collection included these luxey bejewelled pieces to give the sense of inherited heirlooms - if your mum doesn't have anything similar kicking about then you know now where to buy your own. 

The Thick Cable Knits


There was an English aristocracy vibe going on behind some of the looks, with tradiional British thistle prints and hunting boots, along with kilts and tweed, paired with the humble cable knit jumper. We love it when a basic becomes something super desirable (especially if that something keeps us warm, and any of us can wear it, and we might already own one) so here's one big huzzah for the woolly cable knit.

The high shine trousers


98% of today's collection was 100% wearable for anyone and everyone. But there were two standout items that will only appeal to ballsy peacocks - the kilt slashed to the thigh and some seriously sexy high shine leather trousers. There was a dark brown, skin tight leather pair, and a wider cut, glossy green pair that looked kitten soft. If you're up for a challenge, they're without a doubt what you should be buying when the collection drops in the autumn.

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