Georgie Darling | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Topshop Have Released Clear Knee Mom Jeans And We Can\\\'t Decide If We Love Or Hate Them

The Internet Can't Make It's Mind Up Over These Topshop Clear-Windowed Mom Jeans

The Debrief: We never knew we needed clear knee jeans until we saw them...

Ever struggled to find something to wear when you’re feeling jeans, but also in a position to maybe be getting your knees wet?

Nope, neither have we. 

But, rest assured, anyone who has: your prayers have been answered.

For the small sum of £82.52, Topshop via Nordstrom will send you your very own pair of clear windowed denim jeans.

Obviously, the internet has divided opinions, with some shoppers baffled by the prospect of jean windows (dubbed ‘jindows’, of course) and others seeing the vast potential behind them.

Temporary knee tattoos, anyone?

Others were quick to point out that Topshop has made a way bigger faux pas in the past

So what’s the deal? Are clear knee jeans the start of a clothing revolution? Will we soon find ourselves swarmed with ‘cold shoulder’ plastic lined tops, or see thru (but still waterproof) jumpers?

You decide - and if you’re firmly in the camp of Yes To Clear Knee Jeans, then you can find them on the Topshop or Nordstrom website. 

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