Charlie Byrne | Fashion Editor | Thursday, 19 March 2015

Thought \\\'The Dress\\\' Fiasco Was Over? Now There\\\'s A Nail Polish We Can\\\'t See Properly

Thought 'The Dress' Fiasco Was Over? Now There's A Nail Polish We Can't See Properly

The Debrief: Is it pale pink? Or dark purple? You decide...

How many arguments did you get into over 'The Dress'? We're willing to bet a fair few. Screeches of 'I DON"T UNDERSTAND, IT'S JUST A GOLD DRESS!!!' could be heard in pubs, restaurants and flatshares all over Britain last month. Followed by, 'FFS IT'S NOT GOLD IT'S BLUE!!!' And now the debate is about to kick off again.  Sorry guys. 

There's a similar pic that has emerged, using the same trippy eye wizardry, so that in one image of a woman's lips and nails they look pale pink, but in another, they look very dark purple. Luckily, we now know that it's all to do with what background the image is placed on, either white or black, which affects the way we percieve the colours, but feel free to argue amongst yourselves anyway.  

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