Jennifer Lynn | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 5 January 2017

Things to hold on to next year

8 Key Trend Pieces From 2016 You Can Totally Recycle For 2017

The Debrief: Because shopping equals time, which equals money

A new year is here, but that doesn't mean you need an entire new wardrobe – you just need to know how to work your 2016 trend purchases harder. Here's how to do it with a little help from the girls of Instagram. 

1. Kick Flare Jeans @lucywilliams02

If yours aren't frayed already, take the scissors to the bottom of those babies and you're sorted. 

2. Band T-Shirt @isabellath

Ditch the jeans and work it with a belted denim skirt and tights instead for instant winter rock 'n' roll. 

3. Off The Shoulder @lottalinnalove

Layer up with a coat and those summer tops will see you all the way through to spring. 

4. Beret @alexachung

It's all in the haircut with this one; get chopped and your beret will be given a whole new lease of life. 

5. Puffa @sjuloves

If it's bright, it's alright; you'll still be rocking it until spring has sprung and beyond.


6. Mules @avenue32

Pop them on with some frayed ankle grazers and you're good to go. Also acceptable with glitzy socks until the sun comes back out. 

7. Fishnets @double3xposure

They never get old tbh. 


8. Fear and Loathing Glasses @nikkimarinus

Ditto these, thought we're all in agreement that a slick poloneck is the perfect accompaniment, right? 


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