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MFW Fashgif Street Style

The Street Style Babes Of Milan Fashion Week Get The GIF Treatment

The Debrief: Here's what happened when we enlisted the mad skills of Tumblr queen FASHGIF to animate the shit out of #MFW street style...

Artwork by FASHGIF

London Fashion Week might be over, but the fashion pack have merely decamped to Milan and then Paris for the next round of shows. If you want to see some seriously foxy street fashion then look no further than Milano - fashion capital of the world, molto bene, etc (ok we're just making it up now). So we've enlisted FASHGIF to give us her animated take on the best street style looks from Italy's most stylish city. You're welcome. 


This bag here answers all our munchy cravings during those looong Fashion Week hours.... 

Somewhere over the rainbow...

There must be a pot of gold somewhere, right? 

Hole punch 

We're liking the idea that you could take something as mundane as a hole puncher and create something really quite magical with a simple grey jacket.

Fashion speaks louder than words 

Somtimes a T-shirt says it better than words. 

Colour me crazy 

Colouring-in book AND fashion staple? Yes please. 

Technicolour dream skirt

Like a chameleon. But a skirt. 

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Artwork by Greta Larkins of FASHGIF

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans

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