Holly Hobkirk | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Best Things To Buy This Week For Under £9

The Best Things To Buy This Week For Under £9

The Debrief: Payday still feel like a loooong way away? Here's all the best stuff on the high street for under £9 this week

The end of the month is fast approaching. The dark depths of your overdraft are in sight. To top it all off, the weather is all gloomy and unpredictable. Fab.

To rectify this, we’ve browsed the web for the best weather-proof bits to liven up your week, from jazzy stickers for your phone case to nail varnish that is glittery and glows in the dark. (All for less than nine quid, obvs.)

Umbrella, £6, Monki; Fabric Bracelet, £8.50, Dorothy Perkins; Anti-Frizz Cream, £5.99, Fudge @ ASOS; Varsity Stickers, £5, Skinnydip; Waterproof Eyeliner, £5, Topshop; Mac, £8, Boohoo; Glow In The Dark Nail Polish, £6, Urban Outfitters; Bubble Bar in Karma, £5.75, Lush; Faux Druzy Jewelry, £3.50, Forever 21 

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