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10 Of The Best \\\\\\\'Plus Size\\\\\\\' Wedding Dresses

10 Of The Best 'Plus Size' Wedding Dresses

The Debrief: Because real talk: even if your wedding isn’t the most important day of your life, it’s probably going to be the day where you want to look the best.

Real talk: even if your wedding isn’t the most important day of your life, it’s probably going to be the day where you want to look the best. There’s so much pressure, so much anticipation, so many people with so many opinions about what you should be doing and where your hard-earned cash should be going. At least with wedding dresses, unlike bridesmaid dresses, you’re the only person who’s going to be wearing it, so that limits the number of Actually Important Opinions you need to listen to.  

For a fat bride, things can be especially fraught. Firstly, you’ve got people assuming and also asking outright if you’re going on a wedding diet (and if not, why not?), and secondly you’ve got to contend with a seriously reduced array of ready-to-wear and/or affordable dresses in your size. There are beautiful plus size wedding dresses on the market, but doing the research for this made me painfully aware of how easy it is to buy a dress in a high street shop for less than £250 if you’re a size 18 or under. Above that? Less so. It’s encouraging that plus size retailers are getting with the programme, even if it’s not a level playing field yet. ASOS Curve has recently started stocking wedding dresses, which I hope they will expand on in the near future.

I’m firmly of the opinion that you should wear whatever the hell you want on your big day, traditions be damned (personally, I’ve always envisioned getting married in a green silk jumpsuit with leopard print platform heels, and may yet do that). For the purpose of this post, however, I’ve gone down the super-trad route, sticking to ‘proper’ bridal dresses, with a mint-green maxi thrown in for good measure. 

Although most of these come from big retailers, a couple are from smaller sellers. I have had personal recommendations from friends for ELDesignStudio and Courtesan Boutique, but don’t know anyone that’s bought from ViViDress so maybe look for some reviews if you like the look of the dress.  

I’m particularly drawn to the Gatsby dress from Courtesan Boutique, and if I were to wear a traditional wedding dress that’s pretty much what I would be aiming for, but I also adore the square lace neckline on the Chi Chi dress. I’m seeing more and more brides go for knee-length dresses over full-length and feel Chi Chi dresses are especially well-shaped at that length.

In the end, it’s about finding something that makes you feel like your best self. Never again will so many eyes be on you, on what you’re wearing, on how totally beautiful you look. Importantly, never again will so many pictures be taken of you, and we all know that pictures never look good when we feel uncomfortable. So if your dream wedding dress is a hot pink mini, you must absolutely live your dream. Live your best life, on your wedding day of all days!

1. Vintage lace fishtail maxi dress from ASOS, £250

2. Lace sweetheart tutu midi dress from ASOS, £180

3. Mint green embellished sleeved maxi dress from Coast at Simply Be, £195

4. Cream beaded tassel maxi dress from Simply Be, £129

5. Off-the-shoulder empire midi dress from IGIGI, $408

6. White embroidered sleeved midi dress from Chi Chi London, £74.99

7. Lace fishtail dress with train from ViVi Dress, £143 (sale)

8. 'Gatsby' dress on fifth row from Courtesan Bride (made to order), £650

9. Sleeveless lace dress with v-back from EL Design Studio at Etsy, £213.90

10. Ivory satin 1950s inspired midi dress from Lady Vintage London, £125

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