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The 90s Revival Mark II

90s Fashion Is Back Again. But This Time Around It's Better. Here's How To Wear It.

The Debrief: Let's all just live in the past, shall we?

Ah, the 90s. Halcyon days where style was dictated by whatever All Saints wore on Top Of The Pops. Bjork and Gwen Stefani wore their hair in mini-buns, and so did we all – never neglecting to leave those front two strands of hair down, mind, as those dress the face. 

If this sounds like a standard Saturday night outfit for you, then WELCOME to the 90s Revival, my friend. Yes, you  might have been under the impression that the return of 90s fashion might already have happened, but this is Mark II 90s – think less grungey teen-angst, more racy sexual awakening and gothic lipstick. Holla.

1. The Slip Dress and 2. The Barely-There Sandal

Our story begins in 1994, when Kate Moss walked the Calvin Klein catwalk in a slip dress. And we’ve come full circle, as the brand have reinvented the slip for SS16. Cue Rihanna in slip dress and barely there strappy sandals, the epitome of 90s evening dressing.

The 90s Revival Mark II

3. The Mini-Buns

I appreciate the Croydon-facelift properties of this do, but that’s the only good thing that I can find to say about this. That being said, obviously I tried this first time around. FKA twigs has even stretched to a little Gwen Stefani face art.

The 90s Revival Mark II

4. The Sleeveless Rollneck

Just when you thought that’s we’d reached peak rollneck, in steps the sleeveless rollneck. See also – the rollneck with sleeves but the shoulders cut out. Sure.

The 90s Revival Mark II

5. The Hair Strands

Extra points if you used gel to really solidify these bad boys.

The 90s Revival Mark II

6. The Choker

As illustrated by Drew Barrymore, who is giving strong eyebrow here, and her 2015 counterpart Cara, wearing Chanel. And if Chanel say chokers are back, then chokers are back.

The 90s Revival Mark II

7. The brown lipstick

The Craft was such a great film, don’t you think? I dyed my hair black after I saw it, which didn’t really flatter my complexion. In retrospect, I would have been better off just buying the lipstick, but you live and you learn. 

The 90s Revival Mark II

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