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Tall Girl Vs Short Girl: The Perils Of Buying A Jumpsuit

The Debrief: No camel toe or ankle grazers, thanks…

Jumpsuits get a bad reputation. It’s that whole not-being-able-to-go-to-the-loo thing, mainly. But here at The Debrief we’re in favour.

Worn with boots in the day, it’s basically like being allowed to go out in public in your pyjamas. Worn with heels at night, you can pull off that sophisticated Stella McCartney nonchalance. And worn with Converse any time, jumpsuits are the best thing to dance in – upbutton/unzip when you get too hot or want to show off (that crop top underneath). Plus, buy them loose and you’ll never have a fat day again.

But they’re not exactly the easiest purchase – especially if you’re anything other than ‘average’ (and we mean ‘average’ in the most positive way). Here, our resident short and tall girl prove there is a way to make them work.

The harder something is to wear, the more I want to

Short girl, Hannah Almassi – a fashion editor at Grazia – says: “Swamped. That’s what I always am in jumpsuits. And if the leg length happens to be just right, you can bet your VPL that the body is crotch-destroyingly short: like I’ve dressed up in the castoffs of a '70s child. But there’s something about the instant adversity of jumpsuits for us short girls that makes my stubborn side really come out to play. I LOVE them. The harder something is to wear, the more I want to.

I have two leopard print ones, three sporty zip-up ones, a LBJ courtesy of my mum’s otherwise quite barren '80s wardrobe, a pair of polka-dot jersey dungarees (good for travelling) and some Bay City Roller-type jeans. Over the course of my jumpsuit-buying days I’ve learned a few key things: iron-on hem adjusting tape stuff and a good eye for vintage. Not a single one of my jumpsuits are brand new because all new clothes are made for giant people, not midget ladies like me who apparently roamed the planet a mere 30 years ago and are now all but extinct.

So if you’re short and want to buy into the jumpsuit trend, stick to vintage. Beyond Retro have branches in London, Stockholm and Brighton and are a good bet; they always have a rail or two dedicated to onesies through the decades.”

Tall girl, Marsha Campbell – a blogger – says: “Jumpsuits aren’t the easiest. There’s the camel toe obsession, the fact every single one seems to swing just above my ankle like something Charlie Chaplin would wear – and there was a time when my new Topshop jumpsuit split down one side at a friend’s BBQ. Fun.

every single one seems to swing just above my ankle like something Charlie Chaplin would wear

But I refuse to let being 6ft stop me wearing whatever I like – and right now it’s jumpsuits. They feel easy and retro – something different. The answer, I’ve learned, is jersey. Leave your jersey jumpsuit hanging in your wardrobe and it’ll magically grow even longer because of the weight. Palazzos in a small print are also a gem. Forget the age-old rule about big people needing to wear big prints: small prints make my frame look smaller. And finally, there are only two jumpsuit stockists I’d swear by: Long Tall Sally and Topshop Tall. So long as the stitching doesn’t fall apart.

Oh, and don’t bother wearing them out in the evening. I’ve learned that toilet lesson the hard way.”

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