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Take A Tour Of Tavi Gevinson's Wardrobe On Us, Naturally It's Amazing

The Debrief: The Coveteur asked Style Rookie to open up her wardrobe and we're totally unsurprised by how cool it is

It's hardly a surprise that a super blogger who has been working in fashion since she was 13 would have an incredible wardrobe, but we had no idea that Tavi's wardrobe would be as oh, oh so good as it is. But this week we found out thanks to The Coveteur. Check out these amazing pics of fashiony bits and pieces lying around her room, with everything from a fistful of badges to bookshelves packed with DVDs and vintage shoes. You rock Rookie. 

Here are our favourite bits from Tavi's closet...

A Whole Drawer Full Of Friendship Bracelets


This is like the whole of the 90s in one drawer. And look at that sneaky pink bow.  

PVC Skirts In Sherbert Shades


Somehow it doesn't surprise us that Tavi can manage to match her skirts to her shower curtain. 

A Box Of Badges


Big love for the box of badges that has a random Barbie doll's arm in it. 

Shelves Of Shoes


It's like Fred Astaire has taken over Tavi's shelves. In a good way. 

Tiaras And Short Shorts


Possibly the coolest pile of random stuff we've seen. Loving the token cactus and the rainbow shorts. 

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Picture courtsey of The Coveteur

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