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Super Blogger Susie Bubble Tells Us Everything About Her Favourite Hong Kong Shopping Spot

The Debrief: Oh Hai There Susie, Please Tell Us How You Get Dressed

Bloggers don't get much bigger than the awesome Susie Lau. She's had magazine covers, TV shows, and basically rules the world of street style. She's become famed for her bright, bold and patterned get ups, never scared clash in the coolest of ways. 

Of course, we - just like the rest of the world - would LOVE to get dressed just like her. So we grabbed Susie for a quick chat to find out her favourite, whisper it, secret shopping spot. 

'My favourite secret-not-so-secret shop is Liger in Hong Kong who now have a website that ships internationally.' she tells us. 'Liger is a boutique owned by my friends Hilary Tsui (a Hong Kong style icon) and Dorothy Hui.' 


So what should we be looking out for when we log on? 'They have a selection of some of my favourite labels like Swash, Mother of Pearl and P.A.M. and then a few Asian labels that are hard to find in the UK like pushBUTTON, and Fleamadonna.' She continues. 'They also have a really awesome in-house label called Oh My God and I love that they support local Hong Kong design talent too.' 

And what about if we find ourselves in Hong Kong IRL? 'Their two stores in Hong Kong are great as they're smack bang in the middle of the shopping district of Causeway Bay.'


Susie even offers us help on how to style the pieces; 'If you need inspiration for how to style up their brands and pieces, just check out their blog where Dorothy, Hilary and all of the cute shop girls regularly style things up.' Thanks Susie, we'll check them out! 

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