Ciara Sheppard | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Suede Is The Thing Of Fashion Week, So You'll Need This Top In Your Life

The Debrief: Suede is trending at Fashion Week

This season everyone is feeling nostalgic about the times of cowboys and the wild west by wearing a load of suede. You'll have seen it pretty much everywhere in a quick search of LFW street style and we are loving it. Add to that Monday's Burbs AW15 show used suede is all possible ways from tan fringed coats to camo print over-knee boots. And Burberry is gospel, therefore you must go out own a piece of the stuff. 

But as mum used to say don't run before you can walk so try this Topshop suede cami, £29, for the perfect suede starting piece:


Topshop top, £29 

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