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5 Tips To Help You Get Street-Styled At Fashion Week

5 Tips To Help You Get Street-Styled At Fashion Week

The Debrief: Remember: you are not a peacock.

It has been said that street style at fashion week/month is far more interesting than the catwalk shows themselves. And by that I mean: I think it’s way more interesting. More approachable than the catwalks and usually a lot more relatable. But what does it take to be one of the chosen street-styled few? How do you get to be one of those people you've been Insta-stalking so much you've got RSI in your thumb? The first thing that springs to mind is a credit card with no upper limit. Which, let's be honest, is useful in most situations, but it turns out that you can throw as much money as you want at an outfit - it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get photographed.

To help us mere mortals get bite of the street-style pie, I chatted with photographer Jason Lloyd-Evans to find out what exactly gets the professionals snapping during fashion month and what's a total no-no.

1. Don’t Underestimate The Details

Turns out that the actual clothes aren’t the be-all and end-all of landing a street-style shot. Instead, adding a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to your outfit can get you noticed. ‘There can be just one little touch that makes the outfit and draws you in,' Jason explains. 'It could be the roll on the sleeve, the length of the trouser or the way they’ve got their hair up or their lipstick. The whole street style thing is about the clothes but now people are looking in different directions for it - it's more than just the clothes now.’ So putting an unexpected shoe with an outfit or doing something different with your collar (I’m not sure either) could be the winning option.

2. Designer Isn’t Always Best

You’d be forgiven for thinking that getting street styled requires dressing head to toe in Givenchy and nothing less but apparently not. There's zero fun in recreating the exact look everyone saw on the AW15 catwalk and the high street can serve you just as well, if not better. ‘The attraction of street style is that it’s over and above the catwalk; it’s that element of mixing high street and designer because it makes it more interesting. If someone’s head to toe in a certain look, it doesn’t really work. If you want a straight catwalk look, you go to the catwalk! For me, it’s not necessarily about having that particular designer or that particular bag but how that person’s wearing it.’  

3. Be Yourself, Not A Peacock

You know what I’m talking about; the people who dress as outrageously as possible to guarantee getting photographed. The thing is, if your usual uniform is jeans and a tee and you’re wearing something that wouldn't look out on place at in a panto, you'll look more uncomfortable than Anna Wintour without sunglasses. ‘The people that catch my eye may not be massively overdressed, like Sarah Harris for example; she’s got quite a relaxed look. It can be an understated thing like jeans and a jumper, not bright peacock colours, and being comfortable in the clothes is key. If someone is at ease then it really really works, so don’t over do it.’

You’re better off going for longevity and embracing your own look, rather being a slave to that year’s trends and opting for something stupidly avant garde. It's all about balance. ‘Mixing it up every once in awhile is great but I think having a style rather than being here there and everywhere with it is best. Have fun with it but have a centre-point from which you swing.'

4. Make Sure It Fits

Sounds simple, sure, but in their haste to get pictured people will wear stuff even if it looks like they got it off a borrower or the BFG. ‘Someone might have a great outfit but if it doesn’t fit right and it’s a look that’s just been thrown on them, it doesn’t really work. So don’t wear really ill fitting clothes because obviously they’re not yours!’

5. Stay Cool

As in, don’t walk straight up to a photographer and be all like ‘Hey, can you street style me?’ Not only is that excruciatingly awkward, it’s so not cool. Ditto walking up and down, up and down, trying to get noticed. ‘It’s really apparent when people are outside of shows just to be photographed. People will probably take pictures of you but it’s not quite as cool.’ It's like asking someone whether they love you, or inviting yourself to a party. It doesn’t really count, does it?

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