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Some Lazy Outfit Ideas to Get You Through The Week When You CBA

Some Lazy Outfit Ideas to Get You Through The Week When You CBA

The Debrief: Sometimes having to think about a new outfit for every day of the week is just too much for our brains

The weather is all over the shop at the moment. The jumps in a day from apocalyptic darkness to sweaty humidity can leave even the sassiest gal totally confused. Fear not though guys, have a look over this week's Instagram fashion girls whose looks we are going to be stealing... Thanks for that by the way. 

Summertime Goths 

Always judging instagram

This is the ultimate summertime goth look. Who said goths could only come out in the winter months? Choker, black dress and some incredible glittery ankle boots to soften that tough edge a tad. Also great if you hate your feet but still want to wear a summer dress. 


Sports Chic

anna shaffer instagram


Take a leaf out of Anna's book and wear a stripe in a different way. Some shell caps and black ankle socks are the perfect styling accessory. 


Restyle an Old Black Tshirt 

we wore what instagram


Midweek hump day can't be bothered to think vibes? Why not find a black tshirt and knot it like Danielle over at We Wore What for an instant update?


Keeping up with the Grunge 

sincerely jules

Never really thought grunge was easy to pull off in the summer but how cool does Sincerely Jules look in her strappy dress, old plimsoles and jumper tied round her waist? 



foxy neela instagram

Sometimes the basisc rule. If it's a super hot day (we may still be treated to a few, you never know) then a pair of lovely linen shorts and a stripey vest will make a killer combo. 


Retro Lady 

gary pepper instagram

Sometimes we either want to or have to seriously dress up. How hot is this look - a long, gingham, flattering pencil skirt and a simple white top (maybe this knot is only for the brave hearted. You could just tuck in a white vest if you weren't feeling as daring.) Add some heels and a boxy bag and you're good to go. 



brittany bathgate instagram

If all else fails, whip out your boyfriend jeans, your favourite tshirt and some old birckenstocks. There's a reason this outfit gets a lot of airtime... 


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