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Skirt Trousers Are Back. Yes, Honestly.

Skirts Over Trousers Are Back. Yes, Really

The Debrief: Remember how in the 90s we wore mini skirts attached to our trousers? Emma Watson is bringing them back.

I distinctly remember going to Tammy Girl circa 1999 and buying a pair of grey jersey ‘skirt trousers’. I wore them with a sequinned choker around my neck, light up Sketchers trainers and a big smile, brought about my incredibly stylish choices. I was so damn proud. Sigh. 

I didn’t know a girl who didn’t have a pair of skirt trousers back then, and it looks like we’re about to see the same thing happen all over, if Emma Watson has any say-so. 

Skirts over trousers? Emma Watson says yes.

Remember that bright red Dior culotte/dress hybrid that she wore on the red carpet last year? And the poofy black skirt over trousers combo? Well she’s rocked another one, to the Time gala last night, going for a dark grey pair with a drapey skirt bit over one leg. Looks like she's found her 'thing'. 

Skirt over trousers? Emma Watson says yes.

But it's not just Emma (who definitely has an unusually enthusiastic penchant for skirty-pants) - they’re everywhere. On the runway, Mary Kate and Ashley (naturally, given their similarly aged 90s roots) sent out a long white tunic with splits up the front that felt like a super fresh choice for spring (if it didn’t cost twelve million pounds or something thereabouts.) 

Man Repeller & The Row show us that skirts over trousers are cool again.

If you've been scouring your usual fashion blogs, then no doubt you will have spotted biggies like Man Repeller and Pin Sykes rocking the skirt over trousers look, too. 

Pandora Sykes shows us that skirts over trousers are cool again.

But fear not, you don't have to pay The Row prices, to get the look - the high street has done its duty and offered up a tonne of similar long tunics styled over skinny trousers. Check out these styles from Topshop and Asos.   

How to wear dress over trousers, with Topshop & ASOS

Tunic, £34, Topshop, Tunic, £28, Topshop, Tunic, £40, Asos 

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