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watches clocks going forward

Six Watches That Are So Stylish That You Might Just Ditch Your iPhone

The Debrief: The clocks go forward tonightand it's time to go old school...

When the clocks go back or forward, and you have no idea whether or not your bloody iPhone is intelligent enough to have already updated itself, or whether it's as confused as you and just forgot, it can be nice to have a back up plan. Like a good ole' fashioned actual IRL watch. That you can use your fingers to wind. Like the olden times.

Plus, and more importanly, they're whole accessories in themselves. So you should own at least one stylish one. 

Here's our edit of the watches you're going to want to buy now. Or an hour ago. Or in an hour's time. 

watches clocks going forward cheap

Watch, £73, Swatch

You can't beat a classic skinny Swatch watch if you're not massively into watches yet - they're as light as paper, and they're a reasonable price for something that looks like it was dreamed up on The Magic Faraway Tree. 

watches clocks going forward cheap

Watch, £59.99, Timex

If you're style is pretty androgynous, then you can't go wrong with a charcoal Timex. Just keep an eye out that your bf doesn't steal it. 

watches clocks going forward cheap

Watch, £85, Olivia Burton

If you're a watch pro, nay a collector, then the trend update for this season is about adding in a completely rose gold style, like this one from Olivia Burton. It's softly feminine, without being pink and glittery.

watches clocks going forward cheap

Watch, £80, Unknown

This baby takes us right back to the 90s, and is a minimalist way of working a pastel watch without going too out-there. The face is so simple that there's no way you will end up hating it in six months time - this one's a classic. 

watches clocks going forward cheap

Watch, £198, Michael Kors 

Those of you who want a fashion watch should be checking out Michael Kors. Every fashion editor worth their salt has been seen wearing Kors' chunky watches, and this one has a kooky mix of rose gold, steel and yellow gold tones going on. 

watches clocks going forward cheap

Watch, £215, Larsson & Jennings at

If you're one of those people that likes to have a talking point, so that people ask you where you got it from, and you can tell them about an impossibly cool brand they've never heard of, then this watch is for you. It's by Larsson & Jennings, is Swiss made, and is water resistant up to 50m. So you can go to town with watch geekdom if you want to. 

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