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Should I Buy...Triumph’s TriAction Sports Bra?

Should I Buy...Triumph’s TriAction Sports Bra?

The Debrief: Sports bras are a personal affair, but is Triumphs new bra-for-every sport the answer?

Sports bras are a personal affair. What works for your friend may not work for you. And let’s face it, bras are about as personal as it can get so you’re going to need one that supports you like a protective mother during that dreaded HIIT class. 

Finding the right one can be a nightmare, you need enough support your boobs don’t feel like they’re about to give way, but not so much you feel like your chest is being suffocated as you workout. I've gone through tons of brands to find the right bra and am yet to find the ultimate one. This week for Should I Buy, I decided to try out Triumph’s new range, TriAction range. Supposedly bras for every sport so you can find the right one for you, let’s put them to the workout test shall we? 

First things firsts, how do they look? 

Just because it's going to be hidden up your top, doesn't mean it can't look great. This range comes in a variety of colours, my fave is the black because I'm basic, but the purple one is also high on my wish list. As far as sports bras go, these guys are pretty reasonably priced - staring at £22 and going up to £44, meaning they won't break the bank. 

Are they comfortable?

I woke up at 5.45am this morning to test this bra out. OK, not specifically to test it out but to go to a spin class, and let me tell you - the pain was eased the second I put this bra on. It’s probably the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn, no joke. It was slightly confusing trying to maneuver the straps, but once I’d figured it out it felt like my chest had it’s own personal cushion. Making 5.45am wake up calls slightly more bearable. Slightly. Getting it off was another story, again strap issues. They cross over at the back so even when you've undone the clasp you have to pull the bra over your head which for someone with no coordination, is quite difficult. 

Are they supportive enough? 

I was slightly put off by the padding in these bras - however when working out it didn’t hinder my movement in anyway, or make it uncomfortable. I felt fully supported throughout my spin class, there was no movement or jiggling. I didn’t feel like my boobs were out of control, nor did I feel like I the bra was digging into my skin. 

Did I feel sweaty in them? 

Gross question, but it’s got to be asked. As the fabric of these bras is quite thick – on the padded ones anyway – I did begin to wonder (Carrie Bradshaw style) if this would result in sweat patches across the shiny new fabric. Sweat obviously isn’t a bad thing in a spin class, but if you’re a repeat wears-bra-twice offender like me, sweat patches are a no no. I did have some sweat discomfort, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. 

Could I go to a trampoline class in them? 

Answer: yes. I feel 100% safe in the knowledge that these guys would see you through a bouncy trampoline class no trouble. Get booking, I’ve heard trampoline is all the rage. Or alternatively you could defintely go to a dance class if Trampolining isn't your thing and you want full support. Triumph has your back, or chest. 

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