Chemmie Squier | Acting Fashion & Beauty Editor | Thursday, 7 January 2016

Self-Cleaning Jeans Are (Almost) Here

Self-Cleaning Jeans Are (Almost) Here

The Debrief: A lazy girl's ultimate fantasy. AND it's good for the environment.

If you wash your jeans more than once a month, you’re an excellent person. If you wash your jeans once every two months, you are also an excellent person. Because jeans are the kind of thing that you know you should wash – pretty sure that ketchup stain isn’t part of the design, mate – but it’s So. Long.

They take ages to dry and what if you want to wear them during that time and then, no matter what, they only end up smelling damp because you live in a flat the size of a Graze box.

That’s where denim company ODO comes in. They’ve created a self-cleaning denim fabric which repels any spillages or stains and has ‘permanent anti-microbial properties’. Hello, Future. 

Their ethos doesn’t just have practicality and convienience at its core – they care about the environment, too. Apparently, denim jeans are one of the highest water consuming pieces of clothing with 7,100 glasses of water going into washing a single pair of jeans. Whaaat? 

ODO clothing means that we’d be able to wear jeans for longer, without walking around looking, and smelling, like a mess. But how? Well, the silver technology used helps to kill any bad smells by stopping the bacteria in sweat from breeding and then starting to smell.

Then there’s the nanotechnology (‘NanoSphere’), which forms a structure that ensures substances just run off the clothes.

 The company’s Kickstarter, which started off with a $10,000 goal, has now raised over $150,000 and it still has 22 days to go. Proof that we’re all really, really lazy and cba to wash our jeans. Or that we actually do care about the environment. Let’s go with that one.

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