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Sami Miro Coachella Fashion

Sami Miro Successfully Rebranded Coachella Fashion

The Debrief: What everyone is wearing now they’ve finalllllly realised Native American headdresses are totally unacceptable

Since Coachella’s first festival in 1999, it’s arguably become a feeding ground for some of the worst aspects of society. When it’s not being fuelled by brand-sponsored pool parties featuring paid-for celebrity appearances, it’s being lambasted for hosting festivalgoers wearing culturally offensive fashion. Whether worn out of ignorance of sheer racism, over the years bindis, dashikis and feathered headdresses have become the unofficial uniform of the Coachella crowd. These sacred symbols have been worn and discarded like disposable costumes. However, not this year. We’re living in a newly woke age where this sort of behaviour is inexcusable. Rather than playing into the hands of the wanderlust festivalgoers, one designer put her stamp on this year’s festival by redefining the Coachella fashion. 

Sami Miro – notably Daily Mail famous for her friendship with Selena Gomez and her past tryst with Zac Efron – is to thank for this new breed of Coachella style. Known as the ‘Queen of Vintage’, Sami has made a career of thrifting gems and then refashioning them into one-of-a-kind modern pieces. Think: sheer bodysuits with denim patches (as modelled by Hailee Steinfeld), shorn jean jackets (favoured by Kendall Jenner) and motocross coats (like the one Hailey Baldwin has). 

Sami’s enviable black book of famous fans was the ticket to Coachella’s rebrand. There was an army of celebrities – including Sofia Richie, Ashley Tisdale, Poppy Delevigne, Caroline Vreeland and Kendall Sargent dressed in her pieces at the festival's first of two weekends. She told The Debrief: 'There's never a day that I don't wear what makes me happy on the inside. And sometimes to my demise, I'm not a fan of themed festivities which is why I never understood the bohemian festival look. Androgyny is also in right now and a huge part of my style, so the girlie boho look had to go. I'm thrilled the masses are catching on to that and thrilled so many influential, stylish people are representing Sami Miro Vintage!' 

Typically speaking, fest-fashion has become a little staid - it’s so bogged down in tie dye that it was a breath of fresh air to see Sami’s denim and motocross crew dancing in the Palm Springs sun last weekend. 

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