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The Royal Family Completely Owned Skiing Style In The 80s & 90s

The Royal Family Completely Owned Skiing Style In The 80s & 90s

The Debrief: Lady Di 4eva

Heading off skiing this Christmas? Well don’t dare pack your case without an in-depth look at the activewear worn by the Royal family during their peak winter holiday years. From Princess Di’s headbands to Fergie Ferg’s… well, everything, it truly was a magical time in regal fashion.

It also serves as definitive proof that Prince Harry has always been a total ladykiller. Fact.

1. Braids For Days

That headwarmer, Princess Di! That hat, Prince Charles! Klosters was a much more fabulous place in the 80s. Sniff.

2. Accessory Game Strong

Between Fergie’s yellow ski boots, and Charles and Diana’s reflective sunnies, we don’t know where to look.

3. Nice Mittens, Kitten

So distracted were we by Princess Diana’s bright cerulean jumpsuit and fluffy mits that we almost didn’t notice Prince Harry and his neon goggles. How dare we.

4. Prince Harry Meets Kevin McAllister

Doesn’t Hazza look just like Home Alone’s Kevin here, if you squint a bit? That bandana is killing us. See; ladykiller.

5. The Whole Gang’s Here!

Anyone else think Wills and Harry’s outfits might have been based on Lego colours? No?

6. Great Muff, Princess Beatrice

Also, that hat might have been a better option for Kate and Wills’ wedding, rather than the lobster/bow.

7. Bow Down, Bitches

The colour, the random star on the knee, the green bow on top… We’d totally wear Bea’s ski look now. Maybe without the attached mittens, though, being grown-ups and all that.

8. Hashtag Twinning

That awkward moment when your little sister comes along and your mum makes you wear matching outfits EVERYWHERE. We feel your pain, ladies.

9. We Are (Royal) Family

Prince William; a natural when it comes to dealing with children. Prince Harry; a natural when it comes to smouldering for the camera.

10. Another Day, Another Chance To Be The Fit Brother

Or, y’know, to perfect your jumps.

11. “Dad, I Think You Left Your Nightcap On…”

No words.

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