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Refugee-Themed Fashion Shoot Is As Bad As You\\\\\\\'d Imagine

Refugee-Themed Fashion Shoot Is As Bad As You'd Imagine

The Debrief: Involves barbed wire and a model getting dragged away by police

A Hungarian photographer has posted a refugee-themed fashion shoot and it’s about as offensive as you think it would be, complete with nearly-naked models wearing headscarves and people trying to get over fences. 

Norbert Baksa’s photos replicate everything – from refugees being dragged away by police, right through to just your average posing in front of barbed wire. As you do. ‘Migrant chic’ is, obviously, getting a lot of backlash on social media because it’s awful, and exploitative, and makes us feel ill. 

‘The shooting is not intended to glamourise this clearly bad situation, but rather to draw the attention to the problem and make people think about it,’ Baksa told ABC News. ‘Artists around the world regularly attract the public’s attention to current problems through “shocking” installations and pictures. This is another example of such art.’ 

He added: ‘This is exactly what we wanted you to picture: you see a suffering woman, who is also beautiful and despite her situation, has some high-quality pieces of outfit and a smartphone.’ 

Brilliant. Here’s what some people on Twitter said: 

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