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Reebok x Local Heroes New Trainers

Reebok x Local Heroes New Trainers Are Going To Divide Opinion

The Debrief: Are you ready for the most femme trend to ever hit sneakers?

Sneaker trends wait for no woman. One minute it’s all Air Max’s and slip-on Vans, the next Reebok calls and says they have the cutest collaboration in town. And, they weren’t kidding. The new Reebok Classic x Local Heroes NPC II is pastel-hued, fluffy and a real crowd divider. Made from leather, with tie-dye insoles and topped with a faux-fur pom-pom and detachable heart keychain they are the most femme sneakers to hit the streets. 

Call me basic, but I like millennial pink. It’s a very optimistic colour and it’s not as outlandishly loud as its sisters fuchsia, magenta and rose. But, colouring a trainer, how do you feel about that? Plus, add on a fuzzy fake fur bobble and you’ve got the marmite of sneakers. These aren’t for running and even though the press release says they are ‘just in time for festival season’ you wouldn’t catch us wearing them anywhere near mud. These are for the girl who likes to go out but doesn’t fancy the blisters. 

Local Heroes, which is founded by Polish-born, LA-based Insta-stalk Areta Szpura, is known for out-there pieces. They regularly create limited edition collections with people like Disney and Coucou Suzette. Slogan t-shirts, athleisure silhouettes and crop tops are their jam, so if you like Unif and Urban Outfitters you’ll probably be a fan of Local Heroes. But, if you’re more of a minimalist Cos girl walk away. 

If you fancy picking up these showgirl sneakers then head over to Local Heroes or Reebok now before they sell out! 

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