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Rachel Green Friends Clothing Workwear

14 Times Rachel Green Bossed Workwear In Friends

The Debrief: Get ready to be schooled

It’s been 13 years since Friends aired its last episode and though the show has dated somewhat since then, there is one thing that’s still on the money: Rachel Green’s workwear wardrobe. It’s arguably the sitcoms unsung hero. From her waistcoat and miniskirt Central Perk uniform to her straight-shooting Ralph Lauren suits, the show is worth re-watching if only for a dose of sartorial inspiration. Take notes… 

1. The One With The Waistcoat

Forget Kate Moss, Rachel Green served up the ultimate waistcoat rebrand in the early 2000s while working at Central Perk.

2. The One With Ralph Lauren

Nothing’s changed, we’re still harbouring a crush for Rachel’s leather jacket, poker straight hair and polo neck. 

3. The One With The Barely Buttoned Shirt

Rachel (obviously) nailed her interview with Gucci thanks to this suit situation. 

4. The One With The Brilliant Boots

Glossy, knee-high and with a heel sturdy enough to spend a day stomping around in. Dreamy. 

5. The One With The Shrimps Coat

Pink, fluffy and fake – this is our kind of fun fur coat. 

6. The One With The Mini Skirt Suit

Taking the skirt suit to new heights, Rachel wasn’t afraid of giving the co-ord legs.

7. The One With The 70s Collar

Showing little fear in the face of print, Rachel made a black suit pop with a retro blouse. 

8. The One With The Low Denier Tights

Though they are liable to ladder at just the lightest graze, a low denier tight is the key to wearing an ultra short skirt to work.

9. The One With Clueless Skirt

Taking notes from Cher, Rachel teamed a check skirt and short sleeve roll-neck. 

10. The One With The Tie Situation

She was never not serving up looks, but the jury’s out on whether Rachel managed to pull off the impossible by teaming a bootcut tailored trouser with pointed shoes an off the shoulder top and a tie. 

11. The One That’s So Casual It Makes Your Boss Give You Side-Eye

A white tee and a black mini skirt gives us heart eyes, even if it has the opposite effect on our employer. 

12. The One With Head-to-Toe Brown

Brown is a tricky colour to pull off, but Rachel made it work with a dose of auburn hair dye and a chunky necklace.

13. The One With The Work Crush

When you’re Rachel Green you can justify this Christopher Kane-lite mini as a desk-to-date dress.

14. The One With The ‘I Mean Business’ Suit

Regardless of the situation, strong grey tailoring will give your argument gravitas. 

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