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Paris Fashion Week Starts Tomorrow So We're Insta-Stalking Parisian Dream Jeanne Damas

The Debrief: It's all about the pout, 'bout the pout, 'bout the pout...

Jeanne Damas (@jeannedamas) is basically a caricature of a French girl who appears to have made it her profession to look stylish at all times and make the rest of us wish we had a bit of Parisian blood swilling around in us.  

It’s hard to pin down what she does - is she a photographer? blogger? model? But it’s even harder to pin down what she doesn’t do. Her instagram has nearly 90k followers, who gobble up the pictures of Jeanne looking like a 70s supermodel in the back of a car on her way to the shows, of her plates of mini burgers, doughnuts and chocolate ganache, mixed in with frow views of Chanel couture. We’ve seen Jeanne taking snaps of her equally stylish pals, as well as 'party girl' Jeanne, as well as ‘I’m just going to chill on a sofa with my almond eyed cat who is as beautiful as me and don’t we look perfect together’ Jeanne, and all the incarnations of this babe are equally It-girl-tastic.   

Jeanne is basically the French insta-dream, so here are our five most convincing reasons for you to stalk her, like now. 

She Actually Smiles

While rocking a pair of Calvins better than Bieber. I mean come on, it wouldn’t be hard. But we love Jeanne’s sense of humour, which makes her post pics of her with a nail brush in her armpit, and laugh in pics where most of us would look awkward, like getting her abs out and showing the waistband of her pants. 


She Eats La Frite

Jeanne’s mouth gets a lot of attention for two reasons - one is that insanely Parisian looking set of lips - all pillowy and soft porn vibed while somehow still looking a little bit prim. Two is that she is often filling it with stuff we want to eat. Not fashion food we pretend we want to eat, actual real life cravings, like chips and cake. 

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She Could Be From The Seventies And We Wouldn’t Know

Anyone can put on seventies clothes and try and look a bit more Farrah Fawcett, but only some women have the essence of the era - it’s got something to do with chiselled jawlines, eyes the size of eggs, and hair that just does its own thing. This pic makes Jeanne look like she was actually there 40 years ago. We’re already hunting down a similar jumper and shearling coat. 


She Looks Great As A Cartoon

Jeanne’s insta feed is pretty arty - there’s lots of sunset pics and landscapes and perfectly poised pics - including this cute sketch of her by @krovavaya. This is perhaps the most elegant way of us bringing up her incredible bod. This girl basically is all things good about being sexy. 


She Does A Brilliant Come Hither Look In A Dressing Gown

Most of us look a bit gross in our dressing gowns, I’d wager. Mine needs a good wash, and isn’t the sultry silk that pools around your ankles sort - it’s more like the fleece type from Debenhams sort. If you’re looking for great bedroom style inspo, look no further than Jeanne, who has got reclining in sexy silky things down to a fine art. 


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