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Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

The Debrief: Denim shorts, patterned shorts, short shorts... ALL THE SHORTS.

Oh shorts, the absolute pinnacle of summer dressing. But they also come with a whole host of issues like front-wedgies, bum-cheek exposure, sausage-wrapped-in-string syndrome, looking like a school boy... You get the idea. That's why we (Team Debrief that is; hello, hi, how you doing?) decided to try on a load of pairs from different online stores to see which ones don't do any of those things, and actually look good. Even in the rain, because that's what was happening when we shot it, guys. It was raining. But we did it anyway because that's just the kind of people we are and if you put on shorts in England during the summer, the laws of probability state that it will rain. Here's what happened...

Jess, Culture Editor

Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

Mirrored Shorts, £48, Glamorous

The online dream: I mean, considering the model has a banging pair of legs I was slightly worried I’d look like I’d cut off my legs and stuff two sausages into the leg holes instead.

The IRL experience: Um HELLO FLATTERING-NESS. Something to do with the slightly flared nature of these shorts means like they’re the most flattering things I’ve ever owned, providing I actually shave my legs that is. Plus, the embroidery and mirror are eye-catching but not over the top. Basically, they’re great, I love them, and I’m wearing them for ever more. Even in December.

The debrief: 10/10


Natalia, Deputy Creative Editor

Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

Mom Shorts in White, £14.99, Daisy Street

The online dream: A good pair of denim shorts that are different to the usual denim cut offs, not too skimpy and wearable. 

The IRL experience: Pretty much what I expected, no scary surprises! Fit very well, not super tight which is a bonus. 

The debrief: 8/10 


Chemmie, Editorial Assistant

Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

High Waist Turn-Up Mom Shorts in Blue, £20, Missguided

The online dream: First off, I do not wear shorts. My extra-wide hips and bum don't look their best squeezed into them but a girl can dream, and I was hoping these high-waisted-not-too-tight mom shorts would be the pair to convert me, by being uber flattering.

The IRL experience: I'm super impressed by these; they fit just right and are really flattering because they're not too tight on the thigh/arse area, which is ideal. I need these.

The debrief: 8/10


Rebecca, Acting Editor

Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

Tailored Shorts in Emerald, £25, Finery

The online dream: I wanted to look leggy and sophisticated and like the female boss, but in less of the Tulisa way. 

The IRL experience: A bit creased, because I didn't hang them up straight away (presumably a proper Sophisticated Boss Lady would remember to do this) so don't think they'd be the sort of thing you can casually whack in your bag for a last minute jaunt to Marrakech or whatever it is SBLs do. But, I really like them - they fitted well and had a higher waist than I was expecting, which was flattering rather than scary. They genuinely felt like shorts you could wear in the office and still look like you mean it.  

The debrief: 8/10


Sophie, News Editor

Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

Leather-Look Shorts, £25, ASOS (Mens)

The online dream: I expected some really slinky-smart shorts to dress up an outfit. I was worried that, being menswear, they might not fit so great, but I was eagerly anticipating channelling Kanye West.

The IRL experience: Alas, there was something a bit too slouchy about these - they're obviously not real leather, so had a weird pleathery smell, and the drawstring meant the look was immediately dressed down. Plus, where does the string on the drawstring go!? The shorts were comfortable, sure, but in the way a black pleather DFS sofa is sticky-comfortable. And don't want to feel comfortable in leather, I want it to restrict me into being really well behaved and upstanding like a Nordic supermodel or Kanye West. I knew I wasn't going to look very Kanye at all (for reasons other than my alabaster whiteness, boobs and ginger hair), but I was a little disheartened that the Kardashian-Jenner-West member I managed to look the most like in these shorts was Rob Kardashian. 

The debrief: 5/10


Anna, Creative Editor

Online Stores Tested IRL: The Shorts Edition

Skort, £28, Asos

The online dream: I expected quite a structured pair of shorts (skort) that wouldn't look out of place at work. I'm really into this colour at the moment and the style is really cool. 

The IRL experience: Unfortunately when they arrived the fabric was quite thin and felt cheap - miles away from the stiff type that I expected. However the colour and fit were good.

The debrief: 7/10


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